Sunday, July 5, 2015

Yankee Boy Basin/Wrights Lake Spur

Jellystone of Black Canyon
Montrose, CO
July 4, 2015

Yesterday, our sights were on the San Juans. Our trail of choice was Yankee Boy Basin. Actually that was the seond choice, but Imogene Pass is still closed due to snow.

Yankee Boy Basin is an alpine basin with stunning beauty. Access is by foot, bike or a moderate rated 4X4 trail.  

The first part of the trail is Camp Bird Road. It is easy and wide and lined with spruce, pines and aspens.

We always go slow with the windows down to enjoy the smell of evergreens and moist dirt.

 The last section of trail gives this trail it's moderate is rocky with a couple of ledgy spots and the higher you climb, the more narrow and steep the trail gets.
A gate at the upper portion is closed until the snow melts in late June or early July.

 Our first stop was Twin Falls on Sneffels Creek...I love hiking here from bottom to top and back down again. 

 There are paths for walking among the wildflowers...

...and rocks for scrambling to get close to the falls.
Colorful wildflowers carpet the ground...

The water is crystal clear and very cold.
 From Twin Falls, the end of trail is just under 2 miles and our second stop. High Point is 12,400 ft. and the suggested best time of year to go is mid July-September.

Yellow Indian Paintbrush

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  1. I'm surprised to hear things are still closed for snow. Colorado didn't seem to get their usual snow fall. Your trail looked very interesting, loaded with lots of beauty! I don't believe I've seen yellow Indian Paintbrush! Glad there is still some snow around. It makes the photos extra nice:) Long sleeves and long pants!! I don't think we've seen any of that for quite awhile now.

    1. It is chilly...58 degrees this morning! But I am not complaining Pam...I am loving it! The paintbrush was thick and beautiful...all colors from orangy red to a beautiful rosy color and then the yellow in the higher elevations. We actually got to walk thru the snow on the short hike. Fun!

  2. That area is so beautiful! We have driven a little ways up Yankee Boy Basin in our big truck and have also hiked to Blue Lakes from the other side of the mountain. We'll be staying at Ridgeway SP in early Oct., I can't wait to explore that area again!

    1. I know I keep saying it, but I love this place! I hope the aspens will be in full color for your visit Lisa...a real treat indeed!

  3. Snow? Who even thinks about snow in July. However, it would sure be nice to cool things down just a tad in the PNW.

  4. There are still snow in the mountains? And I thought it is already July!
    Beautiful area and I love all those flowers, Gay!