Thursday, January 30, 2014

Busy Days at Lazydays

Tucson/Lazydays KOA
Tucson, AZ
January 26-30, 2014 

I am very happy to report that most of the work on our re-mods are done. I say most because we still have to do a light sand on two table tops and revarnish.

 Before...the table by my chair had a white laminate top and was hinged on the top for storage. 

After... the top was replaced with a nice piece of cherry wood cut to the exact shape by Gary Whitaker (mentioned in our last post). I didn't really like the hinge on the top, so Joe cut a whole in the side of the unit. We used a door from one of the old dinette bench seats that we saved from a year ago when we replaced the benches with table and chairs.  We still have the storage and I can have a lamp anywhere on the table I want too.

Next, since we moved the TV, we had a nice spot that was quickly dubbed the pantry.
What a mess!

Planning this space was not that easy. We measured cans, boxes and tried to make the best use of this cabinet.

Joe hung the cabinet doors first. We had to order the hinges to match the rest of the doors. In the meantime, we have two doors in the back that are propped up.

We carefully designed the shelves. It was a little tricky since there was an odd angle we had to work with...the left side is less deep than the right side.

We found bins at Bed, Bath and Beyond. They were a little more than we wanted to pay, but just the right size and they are clear.  I had lots of fun moving canned goods, cereal, etc. to the new pantry. And we are both liking all the new space we have made.

We have one more spot we changed, and I will post those pictures next time.

Today, I heard a new bird...grabbed up the camera and set out to find it. It was sitting in the same lemon tree the Curve-billed Thrasher was in last week. Its a Northern Mockingbird. I say this because his song was a long series of "perty, perty" ...which is why I went running. I just knew he was talking to me!

Both the male and the female mockingbirds sing. They mimic the sounds of other birds and even frogs around them.

They continue to learn new sounds throughout their lives.

While I was admiring this fine fellow, I spotted a Gila Woodpecker on a palm tree.

These pictures are not that clear, but I was so excited to see it, I had to post some of them. I'm guessing the palm trees are about 50 feet...

Gilas are native to southern Arizona. They are very active and noisy. They are most seen clinging vertically to trees, cacti, and poles looking for insects.

What a nice surprise to find a pair. Only one of these had a red cap. Its also nice to know that the Gila Woodpeckers are known to protect the magnificent Saguaro
Cactus from disease by eating the insects found on the cacti.

Speaking of cacti, I love them! All kinds!

 These are the first prickly photos of the year...taken right here in the park!

We have enjoyed watching a pair of Morning Doves. Since they eat mostly seeds, they have been pecking away at the gravel beside our home.

Tomorrow is Friday...already. We hope everyone has a great week-end.
 Until next time, take care and...

enjoy the beauty all around you.
Thanks for dropping by!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

We Hit the Jackpot!

 Tucson/Lazydays KOA
Tucson, AZ
January 20-25, 2014

Jackpot...our week got off to a squeaky clean start. First thing Monday morning, Belle got a much needed washing and wax job. We met Jason last year...he owns and operates Xtreme Power Washing.


Jason and his family do a great job...there were 5 folks working a steady pace. The transformation from dirty to clean and shiny took about 3 hours.

Thanks Jason!

Jackpot...later that day, Joe and I had the pleasure of meeting Gary Whitaker. Gary owns and operates Creative Woodworking.

 Gary is one busy, gifted woodworker! He just received an order from Orvis for 100 Fly Tying Work Centers which he designed. If you are a fisherman, you might have ordered one of them from, item #62KX-0000. Cabellas also sells them.

Fly Tying Work Center for Orvis...

Also, he has an order for secure souvenir cases for all the National Parks west of the Mississippi. It seems with cut-backs, most National Parks have one person in the gift shop at a time and souvenirs are being stolen. Even with all he has to do, Gary agreed to make 5 cherry table tops and 2 cabinet doors for Belle. We gave him patterns and dimensions and in 2 days, he called to say they were ready!

We enjoyed our visits with him. He is just the nicest guy! As a side note, his wife is from the Philippines. Their family there own a 40 acre farm that he built a home on...a home he designed and built. There were 4 other family homes on the farm. I say were, because they were all destroyed in the recent devastating Typhoon. His home stood strong...and his family were all safe! Today, their farm provides food for many neighbors who are without a home and food.


Do I have to say that Joe was in woodworking heaven! Thanks Gary!

Wednesday and Thursday were spent staining and varnishing...

 we enjoyed the most beautiful serenade! This Curve-billed Thrasher has the loveliest song!
She just opens up and out comes the most intricate melodies!  Her songs are so pleasing to the ear and she is very  generous with them.


She isn't skittish either.
I was all in her space!

I smelled these buds and blossoms on the lemon tree the thrasher was in.

 There were lots of green lemons at different stages...

 Our sweet pups have enjoyed this awesome weather...we have no complaints it warms up to a nice 75*.

We sure haven't missed the humidity!

When we bought Belle 2 years ago, there was an euro recliner and ottoman in this space. It didn't really serve any purpose, so we made a donation. This space is on the left side as you enter the front door. After tossing around many ideas, we decided this would be a nice place for the TV.

Jackpot...we took Belle back (to Fisher's RV Repair) for her new left rear jack on Friday and Jeff Fisher re-routed our dish receiver cable. Thanks Jeff!

 Today, we finished the first of several projects...our new TV placement.  The TV doesn't sit on the table, but is on a swing bar and for travel will be flush with the wall.  For viewing, we have several choices.  We wanted the arch in the table to mirror the curve in the cabinets above it!  I think Joe's design is perfect!

Pot Meat had all the "fun" jobs! That's me! About 5 years ago, Joe gave me the nickname Pot Meat when we built a privacy fence in the backyard. Construction workers in the south are known for eating potted meat on their do we know that? Well, its not uncommon to find the  cans left behind long after they have moved on to other jobs. Anyway, every time we have a project...Pot Meat shows up ready for work!

So...we hit the jackpot! No it wasn't millions of dollars from the lottery. It was  much more...meeting the nicest folks! Friends who I hope we can visit with again.
I hope you don't mind, but I will be posting several more before and after photos...projects we hope to finish up this week.
I mentioned earlier in this post how sweet our pups have been this week...well, they do have their moments like all children...
Can you believe they were just playing?

Have a wonderful week. Until next time, take care...
and enjoy the view!