Thursday, June 13, 2019

Hoo-doos, Wildflowers, and Gorgeous Scenery...Amphitheater Loop

Gopher Flats
June 2, 2019
Moab, UT

About 23 miles east on Hwy 128 is a great hike that is fast becoming a "tradition".  We have enjoyed this easy trek for the past couple of years with spring being our favorite time. I love the wildflowers and this year with Mother Nature's delay of warmer weather, we waited until  the first of June to head that way. 

Parking for the hike is at Hittle Bottom Campground across the street form the trail. 

Amphitheater Loop is an easy 3 mile trek through a wash area before it climbs a 250 ft rock wall to the top of a ridge that circles back to the beginning.  The suggested route is counter-clockwise.  

Hoo-doos are typically a thin spire of rock that protrudes from a wash.  They consist of softer rock that easily erodes and topped by a harder rock that protects the spire. 

 A variety of wildflowers dot the desert along the trail, but our reason for waiting until June was so we would be sure to see the Showy 4 O'clocks.   These large clumps of purple flowers die back each winter and reappear the next spring.  

It is so cool that Navajo Indians boiled these flowers to make a light brown or purple color for dying wool.

Some flowers don't grow in bunches, but are just as showy.

At the end of the wash, just before the rock climb, the amphitheater really comes into view.
Looking left...

to right.

Once on the ridge, gorgeous views of the Colorado River, Castle Valley and Fischer Towers come into view.

We didn't really have a spring here in Moab. Just like most of the country, we went from windy, cold, rainy days to quite warm and dry days.  On the home front we have settled into a nice routine which includes an early evening play time at the doggie park.  

So, until next time, take care and...


Friday, June 7, 2019

Good Friends and Fun Times

Gopher Flats
May 31, 2019
Moab, UT

We first met Guy and Catherine, our dear friends from Belgium, on May 24, 2013.  Joe and I were hiking in Devils Garden in Arches and the sun cover fell off my camera as we were hiking down the large fin towards Landscape Arch.  It was very far down, but Guy, who is part mountain goat, ran down to retrieve it for me and so the story begins.  For the past 6 years, he and Catherine have made a stop in Moab for a visit during their travels around our country...sometimes in May...sometimes in September.   We always have a great time with lots and lots of laughs.  They arrived on Thursday evening, May 30.  And early Friday morning we were all off to hike Hunter Canyon.  

Hunter Canyon is an easy in and out hike.  The towering and rugged canyon walls never disappoint.   

The trail follows a creek and this year it had more water than we have seen in years past.  

We always enjoy the flowers as we walk through the canyon.
This year the prickly pear stole the show.

And there were plenty of bright orange globe mallow and purple asters too !
One thing I do love about this hike are the stately cotton wood trees. 

 Guy and Catherine spent Friday and Saturday in Moab, visited Canyonlands Needle district on Sunday and returned here for an over night on Monday.   

 On Saturday night Guy and Catherine joined us for the Moab Humane Society fund raiser at the Old City Park.


This is serious !

We enjoyed a bbq dinner catered by Blu Pig and entertained by a pretty good acoustic band. 

Ahhh, the memories...
Yummy Italian...

Late afternoon stroll on Main Street and ice cream

We said our good-byes on Monday.  They are off to visit Glacier NP and Banff NP 

Until next time, 
Catherine...Hunter Canyon

Rock garden along cliff wall...Hunter Canyon

We heard lots of birds, but only saw one.  A Towhee...Hunter Canyon

Guy and Joe enjoying the shade...Hunter Canyon

A resident at the Old City Park

Beautiful green grass...Old City Park


Safe travels Guy and Catherine...until next time !