Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The following are just a few pictures that I took last week while we were out and about. A few of them were taken while riding the Harley through Deadwood to Sturgis. Others were taken at Hill City which is  the town where Mt. Rushmore KOA is. We enjoyed walking around Hill City...small, friendly town with local artists and shops. We had to go to Mt. Rushmore in the car because it was cloudy, then rainy, and was sleeting by the time we left Crazy Horse.

A runaway truck stop ramp just before entering Deadwood.
One of the many places to eat in Hill City....
Liked this sign in Hill City...
Workers were installing a new roof on the church in Hill City.
A recycled service station in Deadwood.....cute!

Deadwood was busy...crowded with tourists and construction.
     We have bragging rights.....been there done that! Totally not what we expected...

Hill City has two wineries....we didnt go to either one...
Maybe next time with friends?!?!?!

These were taken as we were leaving Mt. Rushmore.

Joe and I both enjoyed Crazy Horse...a work in progress for sure. The museum there is great.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Great Ride

Last Tuesday, Joe and I had a great ride. It was the second of a sunny day at Mt. Rushmore. We started out on Wildlife Loop Road in Custer State Park.  We saw several herds of buffalo. We had to stop for awhile to let some cross the road. I thought the baby and mama were too cute! Along the way, we also saw prarie dogs, deer and antelope.

Tunnel # 6
Tunnel # 5...the Needles Eye

Tunnel # 4
We then headed to Needles Scenic Highway. What a fun ride that turned out to be!  We went through the tunnels...there are 6 of them ...
...we had lunch at Sylvan Lake...

...stopped to stretch at the Hole in the Wall picnic area....

...rode to Cathedral Spires...

...and Little Devil's Tower.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mt. Rushmore KOA

We all arrived safe and sound to the Mt. Rushmore KOA in Hill City, SD last Sunday (May 20th). We have enjoyed our stay so far. The KOA is so pretty . It is like a  small town....there is a restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a fudge shop, all kinds of rentals from trikes to convertables, a water slide, two pools, and a huge tent serving all the pancakes you can eat for $2.50 every morning! The open space is beautiful and the view is incredible. It is so large, that Joe, the pups and I have not even seen it all. Everyone here is working very hard to plant flowers and get ready for the busy summer season. The park is in a central location to Mt. Rushmore, Custer State Park, Crazy Horse, the caves, scenic drives including the Needles Hwy., and Hill City. Deadwood is about 30 miles in one direction and Rapid City is about 30 miles in the other direction.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Billings KOA

Joe and I arrived in Billings, Montana last Sunday (May 13 ) for a week stay at the Billings Koa. As you can see, this KOA is the first KOA in North America. It all started in 1962. The current owners bought the park in 1977. They are celebrating the 50 year anniversary this year. Joe and I both agree that this is the nicest KOA we have ever visited. Our site is a delux pull-through with a swing, table, benches, and umbrella, another bench seat and fire ring. It is all on a very nice concrete pad with lots of trees and shrubs and green grass. The puppies love laying on the patio, playing at the doggie park, and taking walks. There is a great place at the back of the park for tent camping where the boy pups can play ball. The weather here has been so nice...mid 80s for the high. Joe and I have spent alot of time at home this week. Joe began making saddle bags for the Harley. All the pieces have been cut out and he will start putting it all together tomorrow. I have done some cross stitch, but mostly have played Scrabble or Word Soup on my Kindle (and caught up on the laundry!).

We did take a ride through Golden Valley County to Roundup, MT. last Tuesday. 

Downtown Roundup.......
A view of Billings from the mountain on the way back to town.....

Home Sweet Home!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Red Lodge, MT

 Today Joe and I went to Red Lodge, MT. It is a 133 mile round trip from Cody. It was alittle chilly when we left, but by the time we got to Red Lodge, it had warmed up nicely. It was a very pretty ride to Red Lodge. We passed by a little cemetary....just out in the middle of nowhere. Also, lots of ranches....cattle and horse ranches.

We passed by the Smith Mining Disaster...it was the worst coal mining disaster in the state of Monatana. On February 27, 1943 an explosion ripped through the mine Of the 77 men working that day, only 3 got out of the mine alive.

Red Lodge started as a stage coach stop in 1884. Coal discoveries nearby transformed Red Lodge into a mining boom town by the 1890s. Red Lodge prospered and by 1911 had a population of 5,000.The mining days came to an end with the Smith Mining disaster in 1943. Today, the Beartooth Hwy. links Red Lodge to Yellowstone and it is a booming tourist center. It' s population is 2,125 people now and that's the way everyone we talked to today likes it!

Lots of crafts and hand-made things to buy...

but, Joe headed for Beartooth Harley.....

and I headed for the hand made chocolates.

Store fronts are original....

and notice there are NO traffic lights!

Great advice! I just had to get a picture of this sign.