Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sego Canyon - Rock Art and Ghost Town

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
August 17, 2014

U.S. 6
 Last Sunday's trail adventure was a ride thru Sego Canyon. To get to Sego Canyon head north on Highway 191 for about 30 miles, go under the I-70 bridge and turn right.

This little-used paved road is U.S. 6 and parallels the interstate. At Thompson Springs, turn left where U.S. 6 ends.

The trail begins about 4 miles after the left turn. It's an easy trail when dry, impassable when wet.
Sego, unlike most ghost towns in Utah, has a history of coal mining. A rancher named Harry Ballard (he lived in Thompson Springs) made the discovery in the early 1800s. He bought up all the land surrounding his find and began mining on a small scale. In 1911, he sold his mine to a group of investors who built a store, a boarding house, and other buildings. In 1947, the mine was closed.

The first rock panel we saw  was unlike any I have ever seen. It was from the Fremont people who lived throughout Utah and adjacent areas from 700 to 1300 AD.
According to the plaque above, these red painted figures are the oldest of the Fremont people in this area.
More recent Fremont period carvings are under the painted figures on the same panel.

 Nearby is another rock panel left by the Archaic people. From what I read, the Barrier Canyon style rock art is somewhere between 1500 and 4000 years old.   

It's so hard to believe that someone would vandalize these panels.

We also could see a panel across the road...

Ber and his wife Charlotte were our trail leaders. This was a first time trail for everyone else who went.

After the Sego Ghost Town, the trail traverses a ledge road with switchbacks...a climb of 5000 feet to reach the end of the trail with a locked gate.

Another week-end already. My how time flies! Until next time, stay safe and...

happy trails!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Saturday Night Moonshine!

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
August 15, 2014 read that right! This Georgia gal had some good ole Saturday night moonshine! The kind of moonshine that leaves you giggly and lovin' life!

  August 9th was the supermoon and the Moab Friends-For-Wheelin' club planned a night ride on 7-Mile Rim.

Stop at Uranium Arch...

We made a stop at Uranium Arch before heading to the Monitor and Merrimac to enjoy the night sky. 

Thanks for the photo Dee...
My how time flies...that was over a week ago! We had a phone call from Jim, a friend back in LaGrange, yesterday wanting to know if we were alright since I haven't posted anything new. I realized it has been awhile...not like me to go over a week without posting something.

I would like to say that we have been so busy that I haven't had time, but that's not the case. We have been on a couple of rides. We have also had some very nice lazy days.  

Mornings are my favorite time of day...especially after a rainy night. We are usually up and at the bark park by 6:30. The air is crisp, everything is fresh...even our coffee tastes better on the patio!

We continue to enjoy the acrobatic stunts and antics of the hummingbirds. I just read...they are the only birds that can fly backwards!
Somedays I have to fill the feeder twice!

We have had a couple of very colorful sunsets...

One of the rides we took was Tiptoe Behind the Rocks with the Red Rock 4-Wheelers. It was another run to check out an upcoming trail for Labor Day Safari.
Behind the Rocks is about 11 miles south of town. It has a difficult rating because of two dangerous obstacles, both have by-passes.
The view in front of us...
 This was a "working" day for the club...the trail was marked at intersections with pink ribbons and painted white dots on slickrock. Joe and I appreciate being included. Their work day is a whole lot of fun.
...and behind us.

Scenic POIs include Picture Frame Arch, Pritchett Arch, Lone Rock or as the club called it...Prostitute Rock, Hunter Canyon and Terra Cotta Warriors.

Dee wheeled right up Hummer Hill...

Glen crawling up with Dee spotting...
 And Glen crawled right up White Knuckle...his first time to attempt it in his Jeep that he stretched by himself. I have pictures of this Jeep from last year...quite a transformation!
What goes up...must come down!

Very impressive to watch!

Launch Pad
The other ride we took last week (August 15th) was Golden Spike...Pearl didn't go! Golden Spike is a difficult trail also...the difference being, there are no by-passes for the really hard obstacles like Golden Crack, Zuki Hill, and the Launch Pad. Thanks to Dee (who drove her buggy Blanch) for the invite! 

Most of the trail is ledgy and gnarly...

...but a lot of the trail follows the rim. Our lunch spot!
So...between some of this, and
Playing on the sand dunes on Behind the Rocks...
a lot of this...

 ...we had a really nice week! Until next time...

happy trails!

Friday, August 8, 2014

A Week Already!

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
August 8, 2014

What a pleasant surprise the weather has been here in Moab. As excited as I always am to return to one our favorite places, I was dreading the hot temps August usually brings in this area. But, according to locals, this August  has been more mild than in the past. Yippee! The mornings and evenings have been very pleasant for sitting outside and I even found myself in a sweater as we lounged outside at coffee time today. The hottest time of day is between 2:00 and 4:00 and we all know what those hours are for...that's siesta time!

 Belle is quite at home in site M22 here at Portal. There is not a bad site here, but since this is an owners resort, some lots have more appeal than others. We like M30 and M18 also, but the pergola and sunscreen, comfy seating, and beautiful garden on site M22 gives this spot a "real home" feeling...just right for a three month stay!

We only have to take a few steps to enjoy the simple pleasures of nature in our own "backyard".  The hummingbirds have been zipping, zooming and hovering all around...and emptying the feeder!

The butterfly bushes have had lots of visitors too...

Two-tailed Swallowtail Butterfly
 This beauty became Arizona's State Butterfly in 2001. It is only found west of the Mississippi in North America. Its wingspan is 3-5 inches with 4 almost parallel stripes on its wings. The innermost strip is the longest while the outermost two may simply be bars.

A Hummingbird Moth

There are about 125 different species of hummingbird moths in North America. They are all in the Sphinx family. These unique moths are active during the day traveling from flower to flower to sip nectar.

As it was getting dark a few nights ago, Wrecks began to get a little antsy on the patio. We had a visitor... 

This is the meadow behind Belle.

Of course, mama wasn't far away...

The Tan Clan is enjoying these cool morning and evenings too.

Sally had a vet appointment last Wednesday for blood work to check her thyroid and also a urinary PH balance test. 

As a result, she was prescribed a lower dose of thyroid meds and will return next week for another PH balance test.

She has lots more energy these days...

Pat Parelli
We did enjoy a presentation by Pat Parelli...a former rodeo bronco rider and all-around horse lover. Its a people-training focused on the study of horse behavior and horsemanship skills. If interested check out his web site, for more info. It was very interesting and we saw first hand how one handler had amazing results with his horse Chole.

We also had ourselves quite a fun ride on Jax Trax this week. The Red Rocks 4-Wheelers Club will introduce this trail during the Labor Day Safari. Its an older trail that hasn't been used in awhile.

It wasn't all play...signs were corrected, painted and/or secured...

...and side routes/shortcuts were blocked to insure no one goes off trail.

But the highlight for Joe and I was meeting Ber.

That's Ber in the center of the photo wearing a white t-shirt and kaki pants. He just turned 90 and has been wheelin' for over 40 years!

Ber drove behind us...what a character he is!

He has a 1980s CJ7...what a character it is!

Ber nor his Jeep shied away from any of the obstacles...

Did you know there will be a full moon this week-end? Not just a full moon, but the largest full moon of the year. It is the moon's closest encounter with earth for 2014. And,  peak nights for the Perseid meteor shower are August 12-13. AND, guess what we have planned?
Have a wonderful week-end. Until next time, enjoy and...
...happy trails!