Thursday, February 27, 2014

Telegraph Pass...a dang good workout!

Cocopah RV REsort
Yuma, AZ
February 24, 2014

Joe and I shook the dust off our hiking boots, packed a back pack and set out on our first hike for 2014! Thanks to MonaLiza ( The Lowe's RV Adventures ) we had our destination!

Telegraph Pass is rated as an easy to moderately difficult hike and suggested time for the 4.5 miles (round trip) is 4-6 hours.

 Its been a really long time since we have been hiking in the of our favorite things to do. It was a beautiful morning and we were all smiles!

What a treat looking up is!
Right from the parking lot, we dropped into a wash. The wildflowers were blooming all along the rocky trail. I had to watch where I was stepping, but often stopped to take it all in...

As we made our way out of the wash, the rocky trail changed to a narrow dirt trail.  This crooked path led us across the ridge...the easiest part of the days hike.

We reached the main road that leads to the towers. This is a crudely paved road that takes you up...and I do mean up! This last leg was the shortest part of the trail, but it was also the most strenuous. Did I say it went up?

We were determined! We took our time, made more than a few stops to catch our breath...

Notice the clouds? We were happy to have the sun behind them for awhile!

We signed the book, sat for a spell, had a few "Woo-hoo!"s, then it was time to start back.

Looking back on our day, this probably shouldn't have been our first hike of the year...being in better shape would have made it a little easier. But I am so glad we did it. There were many times we wanted to turn around...but we don't give up easily! The view at the top was priceless...
We did see a hummingbird feeding on an ocotillo.
My kind of hike...

And Pearl never looked so good!
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Monday, February 24, 2014

Indian Pass Road to Picacho State Recreation Area

Cocopah RV Resort
Yuma, AZ
February 22, 2014

This past Saturday, after our 2 mile walk at the East Wetlands Park with Ronnie and Carol, the four of us headed west on Interstate 8. We took exit 159 on Ogilby Road in search of Indian Pass Road. 

Right turn onto Indian Pass Road...

The graded dirt road crosses a broad, open region and heads toward a tall rock outcrop on the horizon...Picacho State Recreation Area in the Chocolate Mountains.

 We passed strands of ocotillo, cholla cactus and prickly pear...already blooming.

We all noticed a difference in scenery from our last ride thru the Cargo Muchachas...this trail was lined with yellow wildflowers and the trees were much greener.

At about 9 miles in, you come to a gap in the road known as Indian Pass. Its about 1,040 feet above sea level...just enough elevation to make your ears need a pop.
What a nice view! 
Beyond the pass is a half-mile descent into a wash...a rocky, narrow, section of the trail.

 For the next 6 miles or so we enjoyed the view looking up as we traversed thru the wash. Indian Pass Wilderness on the left and Picacho Peak Wilderness on the right.
A $5 fee per vehicle is required.
 We came to a fork in the road...a sign pointed left to 4-S Ranch and right to the camping area. Choose the right turn...4-S Ranch was a dead end!

 For the next 8 miles, we enjoyed a beautiful drive along the Colorado River. Spectacular views with lots of "WOW" moments.


We exited Picacho State Recreation Area on Picacho Road...

 ...which took us right back to exit 172 on Interstate 8, the exit to Cocopah RV Resort! A perfect loop!
We passed this group or Jeeps on our way home.

 Picacho State (California) Recreation Area is rich in history. Quechan and other native people of the Great Basin culture lived along this part of the Colorado River. Spanish soldiers discovered the area in the 1500s.

Gold was discovered in the rock surrounding Picacho Peak and by 1890 a large scale gold mine operation was booming.

We had a wonderful day...
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