Friday, October 11, 2019


Gopher Flats
September  28 - October 11, 2019
Moab, UT

Wednesday it was 80 degrees and today it is 52 degrees and tonight it will be a chilly 22 degrees !  We made a stop at the storage unit to get some necessary items...the space heater, club jackets, gloves, toboggans and UGGS !  We have two club trail runs this week-end and Wile E doesn't have any windows.  Monday the weather should return to normal temps.
Jack loves lying in the sun...

Of course one of us dosen't have any trouble keeping warm...that is after the blanket is bunched up to perfection.

...or being under his blankie!

Last Saturday our club run was Poison Spider and Where Eagles Dare.  Poison Spider has nice memories...the first difficult trail we ever did in Pearl.
Pearl on the Wedgy (Poison Spider) in 2014

Wile E does the wedgy with a beautiful backdrop of the LaSals and Behind the Rocks area. 

Wile E exits the Wedgy...2019

And Where Eagles Dare was a lot more fun the second time around.  

 We had a great group of trail warriors...16 or 17 rigs of various makes, models and builds.  

The slickrock domes are humongous so if you are afraid of heights, this trail is not for you.  Whoever thought of the name Where Eagles Dare was spot on !

The rest of our week was tied up with appointments.  Joe and I both had our teeth cleaned, Jack had a vet appointment for a check-up and shots and Sally had a vet appointment for her check-up, shots and thyroid bloodwork.   Our only spare day, we decided to take Dover to Warner Lake.  
LaSal Loop Road near home.

Warner Lake, nestled in the LaSal Mountains, is about 20 miles from Gopher Flats.  

First we took the LaSal Loop Road for 15 or so miles...
Not much color yet at lower elevations.

then turned right on a well marked, well maintained forest road  for another 5 miles.  
Scrub oaks lined the forest road with lots more color in the mountains.

As we gained elevation, the scenery changed.

The forest road dead-ends at the campground and lake.  
There is parking for day use.

Warner Lake, at 9,400 ft. elevation, is a beautiful spot for camping, fishing, kayaking and hiking.
The backdrop is Haystack Mountain at 11,642 ft elevation.

 We think it is a great spot for Dover to run, play and explore.

The dense aspen forest provides not only shade but beautiful fall colors.  Sometimes called Quakies, these gorgeous trees have leaves that tremble in the lightest of breezes.  When it is quiet, it almost sounds like they are clapping.

 And did you know that the identifying white bark is unique?

The bark layer of quaking aspens carries out photosynthesis, a task usually reserved for the leaves.  In winter, aspens are able to keep producing sugar for energy.  Deer, moose, and elk consume bark, leaves, buds, and twigs throughout the year.  Nature is sooooo amazing !

We enjoyed a special time with Dover, a gorgeous sunny day, and the beauty all around us.

Until next time...