Saturday, July 30, 2022

Monsoon Skies

Corona de Tucson

July 30, 2022

Sunset July 21

We had a nice early morning walk on the 22nd.  

We enjoyed a rainbow...

the morning glow...

and were delighted to spot this little guy.  

Regal Horned Toad Lizards live in the Sonoran Desert, but can also be found in other hot and dry regions like forests, grasslands, and rocky areas. They are solitary reptiles that prefer company only during breeding season (April - July).  They have sticky tongues and can gobble up 25+ ants, which is their favorite thing to eat, at one sitting.  

And if camouflaging themselves doesn't work against a predator, they can squirt blood as far as 3.9 ft from their eyes.       

Monday and Tuesday Joe had three MOHs of them on his shin so walking will be "on hold" for a couple of weeks untill the stitches come out.  That means we can enjoy extra coffee and time on the patio.  We have seen coyotes three mornings this week.  I took the photos below one of those morning. 

On another morning, Joe and I laughed out loud as three pups (about 3 months old) and a mom or dad (not sure which as they both share in raising, protecting and teaching the pups) was trying really hard to teach some life lessons...mainly hunting.  The pups were having way too much fun running, hopping over bushes and chasing each other to pay much attention until the parent finally caught a bunny.  It was interesting to watch as the adult laid breakfast on the ground which immediately caught the attention of all three pups.  One of the pups grabbed up the bunny and with the other two in toe headed for cover and a hearty breakfast. 

Another morning we saw four javelina in a perfectly straight line one behind the other strolling thru the brush.  It was a first time sighting from the patio to see them.  

I could only capture one as I was trying to focus thru the fence...and for family back east, javelina are not in the "pig" family, have long snouts, a great sense of smell, and eat prickly pear cacti and agave. 


And the sun was just right to catch a bunny thru the fence this week too.

I am a bit disappointed we haven't had as much rain here as predicted at the onset of monsoon season.  Tucson has reported more inches than Vail.  Still, we have enjoyed a few storms...some with heavy rains, and others with nice steady rains.  

I saw this hummingbird in the yard Wednesday afternoon.  He is different from the regular hummingbird visitors this time of year.  My best guess is an immature male Costa's as they have variable amounts of gorget feathers coming in on the neck with green washing on the sides.

If it is a Costa's, it is the first one to visit our yard. I would greatly appreciate any help with an ID.

And this flicker made a quick stop on Thursday.

Friday we were off to Green Valley to pick up meds for Sally and have fried fish tacos at Manuel's with Randy.  

Since Joe, Jena, Felix and Edith left, I keep finding these teeny, tiny babies all over the house.  

So far, there has been one in the drawer in our bathroom, one under the sink cabinet in the hall bath, one in a plant tray on the patio, but the funniest was the one in the pantry snuggled up to the Jiffy peanut butter jar. 


That's a wrap for the week.  So until next time,

July 26th

July 28th



I took these road photos heading home this week...I love the clouds in both pictures.   

Saturday, July 23, 2022


Corona de Tucson

July 23, 2022

On Wednesday (July 13) our second oldest son, Joe, and our sweet, daughter-in-law, Jena, arrived at Tucson International Airport all the way from South Carolina with grand babies, Felix and Edith, in tow for seven glorious nights.  

Felix (will be 6 years old July 30 and going to first grade) and Edith (will be 2 years old Oct. 1)

Joe and Jena

We were in the middle of an excessive heat warning, but no one let that interfere with our fun...just being together and having a great time.  I like the way Joe and Jena go with the flow...the flow being Felix and Edith.  Getting out early on these rather hot days is crucial.  Some days we were out the door very early and other days it just didn't happen.  It had been just under two years since we had seen Joe, Jena and Felix...and Edith was not born yet. 

Day 1:

Felix and Jena are faithful followers of the blog and know all about saguaros. Seeing them in person was at the top of the list.  The Sonoran Desert Museum was the destination for the day. But not before an Arizona sunrise, a good stretch...

  ...and a hearty breakfast.

The reptile exhibit is close to the entrance and our adventure began there.  Unlike their Gigi, these two like creatures that slither, creep and crawl.

The museum is full of things for little ones to enjoy.  We dug for fossils...

 explored a bat cave...

sat quietly and watched the hummingbirds...

meandered along the path enjoying the landscape...


played at Pack Rat Playhouse...

perused the aquarium...

had a picnic and popsicles...

and crashed !

We oohed and aahed and admired the saguaros and other cacti, but the spinytail iguanas stole the show.  They are not native, but were introduced to the museum in the 1970s.  They have not expanded/survived beyond the musuem's grounds.


Day 2:

Friday was a sleep in and lazy morning.  Our destinations for the day were Bricks and Minifigs and Mildred and Dildred...both toy stores.  Joe and Felix are LEGO enthusiasts to say the least.  Bricks and Minifigs is a one-stop aftermarket LEGO store.  They buy, sell and trade anything LEGO.  

Bins are filled with all shapes, sizes and colors of bricks with lots of specialty pieces included in the mix.  They are sold by the tub or bag.  

Joe and I quickly learned this is serious...we all pitched in to find pieces we thought would be useful and fun to build a truck.  


Mildred and Dildred has been our go to place when shopping for the kiddos.  We can always find something unique there and they ship.  


That afternoon was pool time...

and LEGO time for Joe and Felix.

Joe's truck

Felix's helicopter and truck

Day 3: 

We were up and out the door at 6:30 for a walk on the golf cart path in our neighborhood.  

Then it was off to the Pima Air and Space Museum.

The afternoon was spent mastering bubbles in the backyard.

Day 4:

Felix really wanted to go to Tombstone and Sunday was the day.
We enjoyed the show at the OK Corral, meandering the streets, lunch at Big Nose Kates, ice cream, and a real dust storm.  Felix might just be a cowboy at heart...his cowboy hat and boots didn't fit in their suitcase to travel to Tucson so we improvised at Big Nose Kates.

Day 5:

We spent Monday morning visiting with an extra cup of coffee, catching up on things around the house, Jena did laundry, and we made a grocery store run.  The plan for the day was guessed it, El Charro.  What a nice surprise to learn that children 10 and under eat free. 

Afterwards, we spent an hour or so strolling down historic 4th Avenue.  We perused (and enjoyed the AC) thru several stores.  Pop-Cycle (over 100 local artists with a theme paying homage to Tucson and the west), Del Sol (American Indian pottery and jewelry, hand-woven rugs, take home trinkets, and much more), and Generation Cool (vintage pop culture items from the 1980s and 1990s).  Generation Cool was definitely a favorite...especially for son Joe.  He has every single action figure he owned as a youngster from Star Wars to GI Joe to Batman and Robin and more.

After naps, we played Prickly Pairs (It's just like Go Fish, but the cards are pictures of assorted cacti and instead of saying "Go Fish" you say "Take a Hike"), and put together a puzzle. 

Day 6:

Up before the sun...because no trip to Tucson is complete without seeing Saguaro National Park.  We chose the closer to home East/Rincon Mountain District area.  It was a nice drive on Cactus Forest Drive with a couple of stops.  First, the Nature Trail (tarmacked for the stroller).  

Second stop was Javalina Rocks for some rock scrambling and amazing views. 

Before heading home, we made a stop at the Visitor Center.

After dinner, we enjoyed the late afternoon glow and sunset at Gates Pass.


It's no surprise our week flew by.  Lots of laughs, sharing, adventures, more meals at the big table, more pictures than I can count, and memories to last at least until another visit.  

We sure do love these little munchkins !

Until next time, may your dreams come true...

your goals be reached...

and your adventures be fun.

Share the love...

and always share the rocker !