Thursday, February 23, 2017

Tucson...So Far

Tucson/Lazydays KOA
Tucson, AZ
February 2017

I can't believe how time seems to be flying by.  We have been in Tucson for over 20 days visiting with old friends, meeting new friends and just getting stuff done. 

Carol and Ronnie stopped by for a week and were our next door neighbors.  We were busy with appointments, but did manage to get in a nice bike ride, a walk in Sabino Canyon Recreational Area, and an early dinner at Mi Nidito.  Sabino Canyon is one of my favorite places to spend time when in Tucson and I was excited to share it with Ronnie and Carol.  While we were there, we watched a mama and daddy roadrunner building a nest in a tree near the Visitor Center.  Sorry for a blurry picture...they both worked so hard and steady ! Such a treat to see.

We met Sue and Dave last April in Moab and they are just down the street.  We met Pam and John last February right here in Tucson and they are just two rows over.  Jodee and Bill were here for a week and we finally got to meet them.  We all enjoyed several happy hours and visits...its so much fun connecting !  

Joe and I have been checking things off the list.  First off, doctor appointments for Joe.  
We made three visits to Arizona Oncology for Joe's blood work, PET and CT scans, and to see the doctor.  We are so happy to report that Joe is two years cancer free and will not have to return for anymore six month check- ups...yipee !  That means no more hot August stays in Tucson !  Joe also aced his dermatology appointment this MOHS surgery either.  Yes, life is good !

After a weekend of storms, high winds and lots of rain, 

Monday dawned with blue skies, white fluffy clouds, a cool breeze and lots of sunshine.  The perfect day for a bike ride.  We chose Rillito River Park Bikeway.  There is a nice paved parking lot across the street from Trader Joe's (located on N. Campbell Ave.) and the bikeway goes in both directions for as many miles as you want to go.  

We passed a farm and Just had to circle back to get a pictures of the billy goats.  This one was sound asleep with his head propped up in tree.
Yesterday with warmer temps, we opted for a hike.  Tanque Verde Canyon was at the top of my list so off we went.  It's so nice to have a hubby that says he will follow me anywhere !

In another couple of weeks the desert floor will be yellow.  The Brittlebush is covered in buds.

I love this hike. It's short and sweet, steep down and steep up, the canyon walls are beautiful, the vegetation is amazing, and what's not to love about water in the desert.  But, the best part is rock scrambling among the boulders and flowing water in the river.

Just a quick update on Dover.  She is doing great after her bout with acute pancreatitis.  We have her on a low fat, high protein diet which seems to be agreeing with her and with Jack and Sally .   

Well, until next time...


Thursday, February 2, 2017

La Jolla

San Diego Metro KOA
Chula Vista, CA
January 24, 2017

It was a very rainy, stormy, and windy week-end.

Thank goodness the owners of this MH were not at home and didn't have any pets inside.  

Several eucalyptus trees were uprooted in the park including the one behind our MH.  It only brushed the back and back driver major damage.

Imagine the smile on our faces when we woke up to partly sunny skies Tuesday morning.  We were in the road and headed north about 23 miles to the beaches of La Jolla.  La Jolla is within the northern city limits of San Diego occupying about 7 miles of spectacular coastline. 

Our lighthearted escapades to La Jolla have become a favorite for me when we are here.  It's all about the sea lions and seals, the Brown Pelicans and other shore birds,  and the ocean which was especially wild this day thanks to a high surf warning.

The sea wall, built in the 1930s, was suppose to be a safe place for children to  swim. 

Every winter, the children's pool area is closed off to the public for pupping season.  The seals and sea lions take over. 

Oh, what a face !


 If you have read our blog in years past, you know how much I love watching the Brown Pelicans. These beautiful and fun birds could keep my camera happy for hours. 

Notice the dark brown/black neck, bright red throat pouch and white head tinged with yellow?  It's breeding season !

Sights along our walk...

 After Tuesday,  the most perfect, awesome and funnest weather we had experienced this year set in for the rest of our stay in San Diego.  Unfortunately, Joe and I and the pups didn't have a chance to enjoy one single day of it !  We woke up to a sick Dover on Wednesday.  We took her to Bay South Veterinary Hospital for a check.  She got medicines to stop the throwing-up and we brought her home with the understanding if she wasn't better to bring her back.  She didn't eat Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.  On Friday, she was still throwing-up and not eating so it was back to the hospital.  She was admitted and spent three nights there with a diagnosis of acute pancreatitis.  South Bay is a great vet hospital with 24 hour staff.  While she was there, Joe and I became quite ill with the flu.  I spent three days in bed with fever, chills and very upset tummy !  Joe wasn't much better. 

So happy to get the last week behind us !  We arrived in Tucson yesterday...looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new friends soon.  Also there are the doctor visits and  bus "stuff" to check off the list.  

Until next time...