Sunday, May 26, 2024

A couple of celebrations...

Corona de Tucson

May 26, 2024 

Our week started off with good news from the oncologist.  It is Joe's 10 year anniversary...cancer free.   The doctor says we can go to bed thankful Joe is cured, come back in a year for reassurance and Joe has now re-entered the "normal population" for recurrence.  Sounds like a mighty good plan to us !

Our week ended with Joe's procedure at the eye doctor.  The doctor was successful scraping a build up of calcium off Joe's right eye cornea, dissolved it, and covered it with a contact he will wear for 10 days.  I was most impressed with the procedure. His eye was numbed and the eyelid propped open with a spring.  Joe was in a bit of discomfort Friday night, but work up Saturday morning all smiles and said he actually (already) could see shapes.  He was completely blind in that eye from the calcium.  Time will tell as his eye heals...the doctor said at best his sight would return to what it was 6 months to a year ago.  We will take that as it's better than no slight at all.  

We did errands another morning with a stop at the library, Civano Nursery and Fry's.  I was so excited to see a magnolia bloom at the nursery that I had to take a picture.  We don't see very many of these huge beautiful blooms here although magnolia trees will grow in our area.  Sure reminds me of Georgia and I had a brief walk down memory lane.  

I came home with a couple of new plants for the patio...

Joe and I are trying real hard to change up our routine.  You might remember that last summer we were up at the break of day and did our morning walk when it was cool.  This week we got in two of those walks and the other walks late in the afternoon.  For some reason, it has been hard to get up and head out early, but I am hoping with fingers crossed that once we get a few early walks behind us, we can at least get in four early 3 milers a week.  

 I love the early morning glow and the crisp morning air. 

But there is something special about late afternoons too...

One morning, we stopped to watch the ants.  Ants are such industrious creatures. I read that perhaps one of the most industrious creatures on earth.  Ants don't just "live in the moment", they prepare for future needs and help each other.  This little ant was very pulled the feather, pushed the feather, and carried it straight up and down.  He was fun to watch and Joe and I both wondered what the plan was...he definitely had one !

Back at the oasis this week we were happy to see the little female Ladder-back Woodpecker.  

The Gila Woodpeckers are still frequent visitors to the feeders and water.  


We see (and hear) lots of Gamble's Quail.


Sally seems to be happy walking under the chairs and smelling the flowers with lots of naps in between.  

And that's a wrap on another week...a very nice week indeed !

Tomorrow is Memorial Day...originally know as Decoration Day.  It is a day set aside for honoring military personnel who died while serving in our Armed Forces..the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Until next time...

Happy Trails!

Sunday, May 19, 2024

It Just Depends...

Corona de Tucson

May 19, 2024 

Uneventful came to mind when I sat down to write this weeks post.  Some might say it is boring, humdrum, lacks importance or interest.  Others might say uneventful is calm, quiet and ordinary.  

Our week has been most uneventful...not the humdrum uneventful, more like the calm and quiet uneventful.  Sometimes it is nice not to have anything that has to get done.  All three of us enjoyed the morning weather and the patio.  

Sunset walks are nice !

My new favorite color...a blooming prickly pear on a morning walk.

And Sally...

Maybe next week will be more eventful and then again, maybe not.  Life is pretty good at our little oasis ! 

Until next time...


Sunday, May 12, 2024

Time Flies!

Corona de Tucson

May 12, 2024 

It seems the older I get, the days, weeks, months and years seem to fly by.

I read that the phrase "time flies" originated from the Latin language "tempos fugit" in a poem (about farming and country life) written by Vergil...a Latin poet...and published in 29 BC.  The phrase refers to the action of birds.  They are visible one second and gone the next.  

Time doesn't really fly, but we often ponder "where did the time go".  One explanation is that as we age, we process less information.  The more days we live, the more routinely we know things.  We have more knowledge (and common sense) and already know the how's, what ifs, why's,  for many of the things we do whether it's a project or planning a trip or preparing dinner, or vehicle maintenance, etc..  One article I read said that  "For a five-year old, one year is 20 percent of their life packed with experiences as they discover the world around them.  However, the same amount of time is only 2 percent of a 50-year-old's life that likely has fewer new experiences."   I like to think that learning new things keeps us young and routine things keeps us busy and healthy.  And, in our home, at our age, we have earned the right to say "It's nap time!". 

Monday, we had a wonderful visit and early dinner with Sue and Dave at Catalina State Park.  Taos made us feel so welcomed.  He remembered us and took us right to his outside space for lots of loving, playing,  visiting and happy hour.  Taos is a great example of learning new things...and he is quick about it too !  

This snack tray has three layers that spin with snacks in them.  Taos has to rotate the layers to get to the snacks.  He is very engaged and serious about this job which is part of his routine during happy hour.   I love to see the wrinkles that appear on the top of his head when he is thinking...such a smart, sweet and very handsome puppy ! 

He has a lot to understand and take in for his future job as a service dog for a blind person.  It's little things like riding in the floor board because that is what taxis require, not being alarmed by really loud sounds, and how to decide what is safe for a blind person to do even though the blind person told him to do something else.  Sue and Dave are amazing with Taos...consistent, calm, patient, experienced, and most of all, kind and loving.   

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner in Beluga...pulled pork, beans, slaw and a slice of yummy lemon cake Sue made.  There were no goodbyes said...until next time works !

The rest of our week was busy with appointments...both of us had good dermatologist reports, Joe got encouraging news about his eye with a procedure to follow on the  24th, and Sally had her monthly shot at the vet's office.  Just down the street from the eye doctor is Baja Cafe.  With an early morning appointment, brunch was on my agenda.  It was our lucky day !  They were still serving waffles.  I told our waiter that I had been trying for three years to have a waffle at Baja...wahoo !  Liege waffles are made daily at Baja Cafe and don't last long.  I had never had a liege waffle before...I love waffles...and I was way excited!  Leigh waffles are named after a town in Belgium. 

We had a side of crispy bacon...

They are made with a batter more like bread dough...thick and sticky.  The dough contains chunks of imported Belgium pearl sugar which caramelizes and forms a crispy crunchy golden coating.  It is a denser, sweeter, and chewier waffle.  We both chose Fresh Berry and Danish Cheese waffles.  YUM, YUM, YUM !  Baked Danish cheese is sandwiched between two waffles placed on house made creme anglaise (a fancy way to say custard) and topped with fresh berries tossed in agave syrup.  It is all topped with powdered sugar with a scoop of whipped cream.   

Meanwhile back at the oasis, we have really enjoyed the birds...immature birds are learning lots of new things.

The Gila Woodpeckers have been the busiest. Parents make lots of trips to the feeders and take morsels of butter bites, oranges, and seeds back to the tree.  The next step is to lure the little ones over to the food and lastly to have them get their own feast from the buffet.  It takes a couple of days and is so much fun to watch. 

Dad stays close just in case...

This little Curved-billed Thrasher gives the Gamble's Quail a curious look...

And the Cardinals have been back and forth..hoping to see their brood soon.

And my favorite little acrobats...the Cactus Wren.

I planted a new to me flower in one of my pots this's a succulent in the ice plant family I think.   The Lesser Goldfinch love the seeds when I don't snap off the dead heads.

Sally entertains herself...

The bunnies play...

The Roadrunner ate a prickly pear cactus in our front yard...

It's not a clear photo...I was shocked to see it.  It is only the second time a Roadrunner has been in the yard.  He nibbled on a prickly pear the first time!

And that's a wrap on our week.   Until next time...

Catalina State Park