Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hello Texas

Amarillo, TX
September 25,2013

Joe and I visited Amarillo in April 2012. We had a great time...spent a week here and went to Alibates Flint Quarry, Palo Duro Canyon, and rode the Harley on Route 66.

Well, what a nice surprise to pull in to the Amarillo KOA for a one night stop to find a "Welcome Back!" on the board.

 New this year was the welcome committee...a mariachi band complete with nodding head pup keeping time to the romantic style, soft touch and suave vocals.

This group sure gets around...we heard them last February when we were in Old Town San Diego.

We were thrilled to have the same site, #83. Its an end site with a view of the pasture. A couple of things were missing though...the jack rabbits and a few cottonwood trees...both victims of the drought. 

We had a great time playing ball with Wrecks and Jack and Sally and Dover made friends at Kamp K-9. I love the pet walk here with all the fire hydrants!

When we were walking back to Belle, we did a double you see them?

Thanks for stopping by...until next time,

enjoy the view!


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Our Last Day in Albuquerque

September 24,2013

Yesterday was spent refilling the fridge and running errands. Today however was spent having a great time with Dover and Wrecks. 
We enjoyed the Tree Spring Trail so much, we decided to return. 
 Dover was so excited! And I am proud to report that she did much better today staying with us.
It sure made us happy to see them running and exploring.
 It was a perfect day for a hike.
We did hike a little further...we went all the way to the Crest Trail for one last view. 
A nice spot for water and a snack! 
 Sunday evening, we had a terrible storm...torrential rains and winds up to 50 miles per hour. This tree wasn't down when we hiked Sunday morning.
Joe and I are both sad. This was our last mountain hike for several months. Tomorrow is moving day...Amarillo, TX for one night and then Checotah, OK for one night.
Take care...
and enjoy the view!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Doggie Park, Farmers's Market and a Hike = A Great Way to Welcome Fall!

 Albuquerque, NM
September 21-22, 2013

HAPPY FALL! Can you believe summer is officially over for 2013?

To welcome the new season, we sure packed in a lot this weekend.
Saturday morning, we were up and at 'em bright and early. The morning air was brisk and our jackets sure felt good. By 8:30 we were all loaded in Pearl and headed for one of the public doggie parks.

We picked Rio Grand had 5 bones! It is located near Old Town in a nice neighborhood. We both agree it is deserving of its 5 bones...very clean with a walk and gravel,  and a big area of grass (the fake kind) with NO stickers.

Looks like Dover and Wrecks are in cahoots!


Dover made lots of friends.
 Jack just wanted his ball, but there were to many pups that also wanted his ball so we had to put it away.
 Dover had no problems running and playing!
Sally wasn't so sure...that's  not Jack, that looks a little like Jack, where is Jack? She was a wee bit confused!

And no...this is not Wrecks. This is Daisy. She sure looks a lot like Wrecks did when he was 5 months old.  She is a Carolina dog too.

 This is not our pup, but I couldn't resist including his picture. When he wasn't chewing on the sticks, he was singing at the top of his lungs. Way funny!
Daisy was a sweet pup...she is only 41/2 months old. In her eyes, Wrecks could do no wrong and she was bound and determined to keep up with him.

Joe and I were most impressed at how the owners visited with each other, but also interacted with all the pups.  If you travel with your canine dependents, and visit Albuquerque, you might want to check out this park.

Mid morning Joe and I decided to go to the Farmers Market. Here it is not called a Farmers, instead it's a Growers Market. It is located in historic Robinson Park in downtown Albuquerque. From May to November, local farmers set up their canopies every Saturday morning from 7:00am to noon.

What a nice surprise to see a big crowd and lots of vendors.

Fresh produce anyone? What a huge selection! Local growers had squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, onions, peppers and all kinds of lettuce just to name a few...

Also on hand were local apples, watermelons, cantaloupes, and varieties of honey.

Dairy items included goat cheese and spreads.

We left with our bags full of fresh tomatoes and squash.

There were several vendors selling fresh bread, pies, and croissants. Sure did smell good! The temptation was great, but we resisted!

 The cut flowers were beautiful...

as were the pepper plants.

The local artists were plentiful...a very nice variety of crafts.
 Our morning in the park also came with entertainment. It was fun watching everyone having a great time.

One last booth caught my stress test needed here! It's a great life!

Sunday morning, nature was calling!

Since we had hiked up the west side of the Sandia Mountains on the Pino Trail, we decided to give the east side a try. Our hike of choice was the Tree Spring Trail.
This trail is 1.75 miles to the juncture with the Crest Trail which we did last week.
Also, Tree Spring Trail is a non-wilderness trail which means you might encounter mountain bikers and horses. The gain in elevation was 1440 feet.

It was a wonderful hike! It is well shaded with only a few breaks in the trees for sunshine.

 This side of the mountain seemed to be greener because it receives more precipitation. The wildflowers were still in bloom.

The Cibola (See-bo-lah)
 National  Forest covers more than 1.6 million acres in New Mexico.
Much of the trail could be described as craggy...this makes it difficult for taking pictures, but sure makes for a fun hike.
The views were not as spectacular on the east side...but you could see for miles and miles.
There were a few switchbacks toward the top of the trail.

The trees were spectacular...the old and the new!


 I love the meadows...we're always looking for signs of wildlife. We haven't had any luck though.

 This is a great hike...a winner in our book! In fact, we are seriously considering returning on Tuesday with Dover and Wrecks.
Thanks for stopping by!
 Until next time...
 take care, and...
enjoy the view!