Sunday, February 26, 2023

A Sunny, Warm Start to the Week, Then...

Corona de Tucson

February 26, 2023

This week, it has been all about the weather.  After the snow and cold from the week before, Saturday was sunny and warm.  We spent a good part of the afternoon sitting outside enjoying the warmth,  watching the birds and playing ball.



Sunday was a totally different story...and the rest of the week followed suit.  Yep, we had some sun throughout the week, but it was chilly and windy with gusts up to 55 mph on Wednesday.

Sunday afternoon

Monday sunset

Tuesday mid-morning

Wednesday sunrise

Thursday sunny and windy

Friday sunny and chilly

Saturday off and on sun, but warm

That brings us to today...Sunday.

Sunday sunrise

Sometime between 8:00 and 8:30 am, it began to sleet.

The sleet turned to snow. 

The wintry mix continued for about three hours.

This makes twice in one month it snowed, but who is counting?  I am ! 

Sally was busy...

 The birds were busy...

(Click on the bird photos for a sharper image.)

I was busy...

Our week was spent enjoying home.  When the weather is like this, Joe and I are both so happy to be in our sticks and stucco.  We both more temps in the  teens and twenties living in the MH and walking the pups first thing in the morning.  We were to head out today for a winter trip to Bisbee.  That was cancelled with plans for a later date and warmer weather.  This has definitely been a much colder and wet winter than any we experienced during the 9 years we visited here while living a life on the road.  Not complaints, just fingers crossed for a desert full of beautiful wildflowers and cacti full of gorgeous blooms.  

Our only outing this week was a trip to the grocery store.  Happy to say taxes were filed,  games were played,  the bathroom closet cleaned out,  Dover and I have been couch potatoes, 

and look what was delivered.  Thank you Joe, Jena, Felix and Edith !

Until next time, a blast from the past...


Friday, February 17, 2023

A Chilly, Wet Start to the Week, Then...

Corona de Tucson

February , 2023

Saturday's clouds lingered around Sunday with only a few pops of sunshine and highs in the mid 70s and some very gusty winds.  

That sure turned out to be a teaser.  Monday we woke up to rain, which turned into sleet with a few flurries in the mix.  It was wet, cold and windy all day.

There was a glimmer of hope the nasty weather was behind us as the sun showed itself late afternoon.  And sure enough, skies were sunny on Tuesday, but the winds were still quite gusty in the mid 30s mph.  

A lot of days we wake up with no plans or agenda for the day.  During coffee we decided to head to the grocery store.  The neighbors were out and about so we stopped for a short visit.

When leaving Fry's, we learned of a crash on I 10 west just one exit away.  The interstate was closed in both directions due to a hazardous chemical spill and a shelter-in-place order was given by DPS for a 1 mile radius.  We did not need to get on the interstate to go home, but crossing the bridge over the interstate on Houghton Rd was slow with bumper to bumper traffic.  Businesses, homes and vehicles were told to turn off heaters/AC systems that bring in outside air.  Due to the winds, by the time we got home, the shelter-in-place order had been expanded and included Corona de Tucson which is a good 10 miles from I 10 and that people needing I 10  on Wednesday morning in the area would need an alternate route.   Having experienced this small bit of a hazardous spill is nothing compared to what the residents in East Palestine, Ohio are going through after a train carrying toxic chemicals derailed in their hometown.  Their lives have been changed forever.  

When we went to bed Tuesday night,  the forecast was calling for snow, but no accumulation.  So when I got up to let the pups out  imagine the look on my face when I opened the door.

5:45 am on Wednesday February 15

And I hurried to the front door just to make sure.  

The pups were just as shocked as I was and we quickly found ourselves snuggled up back in bed.  When we got up about an hour later,  Joe and I decided to take a drive because snow in the desert isn't an everyday event and snow on cacti is a beautiful thing and if we hurried, we might just see the sun come up.  

Back at the oasis, the feeders were filled, the birds were busy and Sally was curious. 

Dover and Jack were not so curious...they went out and made a beeline back to the door.

And I snapped a few photos.

On a family note, we are so proud of Jill and Bill.  In February 2022, they accepted a 52 hikes in 52 weeks challenge.  On February 5, 2023 they did it!  Hike #52 at Big Lost Cove Cliffs in North Carolina.  

They have been lots of places and had lots of adventures.  We are happy to have had them here last summer for a couple of those hikes !  

Until next time, heading home...

and making tracks !

Happy Trails !