Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yellowstone National Park

The East Entrance...

 Yesterday Joe and I rode the Harley to Yellowstone. It was 196 miles round trip from Cody. It took us about 51/2  hours from beginning to end. The ride to the East Entrance of the park was through the Shoshone National Forest (which was a pretty ride also with lots of photo opps I will share later). The longhorn sheep were at the entrance of the park. I had been watching for them the whole way there and finally got a picture. All the pictures in this part of the post were taken as we were riding. I took around 750 pictures so you can just imagine how hard it was to pick out a few. I was looking and clicking so much, I didnt realize my hands were almost frozen.... We had a great day! We met  couples from Quebec, the Netherlands, and New York at different stops along the way.
The Sylvan Pass...a few miles into the park...

... a few more miles...I've never seen snow so thick... was so pretty.

This is Yellowstone Lake. I have never seen a frozen lake before....the bison was headed to the edge of the lake. It was just beginning to thaw. We saw lots of bison grazing, but didn't see any bears.

This is a small thermal pool. You can really smell the sulphur.

A look at the Yellowstone River...
...notice the yellow pole...they were everywhere to measure the how deep the snow is.

The central plateau just before getting to Canyon Village.

An interesting photo....lots of areas burned by wildfires

The ride down was alot scarier...
This mile and a half was really fun.....looked like lots and lots of ski slopes.

The canyon and falls are only visible from overlooks along the canyon rim. We had to park and walk to the overlook to get this picture.


  1. Yellowstone is on my bucket list. You're lucky to see it, probably a good time too as there would be less tourists and it's just waking up from winter. Be safe.

  2. Look at the snow capped mountains, how neat is that??!! Yall are really getting to see some neat things, so happy for yall! Oh and im loving your chaps, look great on you!