Friday, August 17, 2012

Nova Scotia

Joe and I arrived at the N. Sydney/Cabot Trail KOA on Cape Breton Island on July 27th.
This was our home for nine nights.  What a treat.  We backed up to the side of a mountain and enjoyed the view.
This was the best view we have ever had from our front window.  The bridge, Seal Bridge, crosses the Bra d'Or Channel.
This is a view of our home as we crossed the Seal Bridge after shopping in Sydney.  On Sunday the weather was perfect for our Harley ride of the Cabot Trail loop.  We decided to ride it counterclockwise so as to have the closest view of the coast lines.  The loop is 192 Km (119 miles) which was within our 6.5 hour window of time we allow ourselves to leave the puppies.

When you head out for the Cabot Trail loop be sure you have a full tank of gas because gas stations are few and far between and only offer regular.  We just made it to Wreck Cove , about a 30 minute drive from the Englishtown ferry landing on the east side of the island. Joe said the Harley didn't like the regular gas because it caused spark knocking but it didn't bother me.
We stopped for a picnic lunch at the lookout over Neils Harbor.  I took several pictures to capture the waves crashing over the rocks WAY below.

We could see for miles and miles. Words just cant describe the beauty!

It was a great ride....and a great day!
Fortress of a national historic site and the location of a partial reconstruction of an 18th century French fortress at Louisbourg. We did a self-guided tour on July 30.

We had lunch at an 18th century home. It was a typical meal that would have been served during that era. Not only was the delicious meal of that time, but the dishes, flatware, and other utensils were of that time as well. We shared a style...with 2 other couples.

The Louisbourg Lighthouse is the site of the first lighthouse in Canada. The first lighthouse, built in 1730, played an important role in the siege of Fortress Louisbourg. It was destroyed by fire, but the stone tower was unharmed. The second lighthouse was, built in 1738, was also deatroyed by fire.  This lighthouse was built in is concrete.

Bra d'Or Lake Loop...We took one last ride around the Bra d'Or lake on July 31. We wanted to see luck though. We were out during midday...guess the eagles weren't!
The weather was so nice...we had another nice picnic...apples, crackers and cheese, and yogart with granola. We didn't want to leave!

Our last morning... sunrise...and a red fox.


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