Sunday, December 30, 2012

If you want to hear God laugh...

The old table and booths...
...the new table and booths...

...the new table, chairs, and cabinet with baskets!
  It all started when we were in Freeport, FL. We stayed there 2 months and had planned on going to the Ocala area Dec. 1st. We had reservations at the Wilderness RV Resort in Silver Springs for 3 - 4 months. Two weeks before we were to head that way,Joe started with a tooth ache which led to a chain of events that landed us back in Pine Mountain, GA where we stay when we are visiting in our hometown area. What a blessing that was...the evening we arrived, Joe was in severe pain with acute gastritis. It seems the antibiotics he had taken for his tooth, ate away the lining in his stomach. While he was recovering from that, he had a tooth pulled, a new root canal done on the tooth that caused all this mess in the first place and then a new crown. One of Joe's favorite expressions is.....If you want to hear God laugh, just tell Him your plans!
  So here we are in Victoria, TX. We arrived on Dec. 23rd. We headed this way instead of back tracking to Florida because our travels for 2013 were to be out west. I have never seen the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Southern California, etc. But weather wise, we knew we needed to stay south. The older we get, the more we dislike cold, rainy, windy weather! Southern Texas seemed like the perfect solution. We booked a stay at the KOA on South Padre Island on the Gulf. Once we arrived in Victoria, we took a google satellite view of the KOA on SPI and were shocked! It looked like a Wal-Mart parking lot and not somewhere to spend a month! We read some reviews and quickly cancelled! So on January 2nd we head to San Antonio instead. I have never been there either. We don't expect the weather to be much better, but at least there will be places to go and things to see.
  There isn't much in we have been busy doing things around the house! While we were in Pine Mountain, we ordered a new dining table from so it could be delivered to our land house. The old table was made from the same pressed paper product with a vinyl coating that the old countertops we had removed were made from. I now have a real wooded cherry table. It is very pretty! Once we got here and set it all up, we both agreed the booths had to go! So we found chairs and cushions at Pier One here in Victoria and Joe dismantled the booths. I will miss the storage, but it sure makes our space look and feel so much bigger! All my seasonal "decorations" will now be stowed under the bus. We also found a small cabinet unit with baskets (no drawers) to store small things in at Hobby Lobby. I do like our new look.....but I am alittle sad for the pups. They so loved the booths!!!

This is one of the sink covers from the old double sink we had replaced when we put in the new counters. They are wooded and match our cabinets so I thought they would make a nice table top. We had a couple of old stools with ugly seats so Joe replaced the old stool tops with the sink covers. Now we have a couple of sofa tables or a couple of stools that are are the right height if we need them at the table since we only bought 2 chairs.

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  1. Nicely done....looks great! Welcome to the full time lifestyle and all its wonderful ups and downs. If you are still in San Antonio you are close to Kerrville...check it out if you get the chance. We stayed here it was very nice!