Monday, April 28, 2014

One Large and Beautiful View...Two Trails

Distant Drums RV Resort
Camp Verde, AZ
April 19 and April 27, 2014

So, what do Little Horse and Broken Arrow have in common? Well, they are both trails and they both take you to Chicken Point.  Difference is, one is by foot and the other by jeep.

First, Little Horse...a 3 mile in and out hike.

This was the second hike we did.
It was recommended to us by a couple we met on the Courthouse Loop.  

The trail leads thru a stand of Arizona cypress...

...gave us great views of The Sisters.  At first far away,

and then closer.

And took us right by the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

It was an easy hike. There were lots of ups and downs,  zigs and zags and rock scrambling to keep the trail fun.

Wildflowers were blooming! 

Then, this past Sunday, we drove the Broken Arrow 4X4 trail. This was recommended on the blog site. In fact, it was the first jeep trail John and Pam took in their jeep.

What fun...all smiles from us!
This trail is rated difficult in our Guide to Arizona Backroads & 4- Wheel-Drive Trails  It wasn't a long trail...only 3.8 miles roundtrip, but it was full of ledges, slickrock, and narrow passages.  

In fact, the trail is so narrow that  backing up to find a pull-off was a requirement to pass. Extra wide and extra long vehicles would definitely have a problem!

So what is Chicken Point?

Its an absolutely beautiful spot for lunch! How nice it was to sit and enjoy the incredible views.

The "chicken" at Chicken Point

Last Saturday morning, we had a cold front come thru. It rained...rather downpoured, but the worst was the wind gusts at 40 mph. When the sun finally came out after lunch, look what we saw...the Black Hills had a dusting of snow!

The view from our front window!

Hope your week is off to a great start...

Until next time, happy trails and...
Hill with drop off on Broken Arrow 4 X 4 Trail

enjoy !


  1. Gorgeous photos! Not sure I'd want to take that ride on those slippery rocks though. Scenery sure changes in the spring with the blooming flowers.

    1. would love the jeep rides. It sure is a way to see Sedona up close! Actually the slick rock isn't very slippery! Right from the get-go, Joe and I have enjoyed how green this area is!

  2. Awww, how cool! The woman at the visitor's center told us that if we could get over the big rock at the beginning, the rest would be fine. Well, before you get to the large boulder you photographed, there were two step rocks that were quite high that you had to climb. We thought this was the rock the lady meant. Then, we came upon the sign that warns you not to do this unless you are very sure because they won't help you. Gotta love that sign! Actually, that slickrock was easy. It really isn't that difficult but isn't that view awesome!!

    So glad you hiked the trail to the chapel. It is such a cute chapel. We didn't know where the trail actually went, we just saw it below us and climbed down to try it out. Imagine our thrill to find the chapel at the end.

    Sedona was our first Jeep trails and the beginning of our hiking. We need to return and do more hiking now that we have more experience. I am loving joining you as you hike along. Thanks!!

    1. Dang it! I forgot to put that sign in the post. We got a chuckle out of it. Wonder how many folks would just say "oh. It's nothing" and trudge on anyway if that bump were not there. Sedona is a great place to start hiking. I'm glad you did and glad I found your blog because that's really what got us started! Our lives changed so much...and we have never once missed the Harley!

  3. Once again you captured all the gorgeous scenery around you. I can't say which are my favorites, the beautiful red rock ones or those of the snow capped mountains. Chicken Point looks more like a hawk point to me though. Great hikes!

    1. Good morning Gayle! We enjoyed the view of the snow...that's about as close as we want to get to it! To me the thing that makes the red rock so beautiful is the sharp contrast to the white rocks and the green forest. And if the sun is just right, the result is spectacular!

  4. Isn't that Sedona area just one of the greatest for hiking & Jeeping. We hope to be back there this coming winter again & get ourselves onto some of those trails you guys have been on. So much to see & do there. And you have some great photos:))

    1. Thank you is blogs like yours that peeked our interest to come here! What an adventure we have had so far...a "WOW!" around every corner!

  5. Beautiful photos of this area! The wildflowers are so lovely! Glad you had a hike and a ride!

    Here in Colorado it looks and feels like winter so enjoyed your nice weather!

    1. Hope you Colorado winter turns to spring real soon Sheila. I so enjoyed the walks around your home last summer with pictures of the flowers and birds!