Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MOAB - "Frins & Things"

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
May 22-27, 2014

Vic, Joe and The Big EZ
Anyone who has been to Moab knows about Fins & Things...well, our week has been all about "frins" and having a great time! 

Pam and Vic from www.thebigeztravels.blogspot.com rolled into Portal last Thursday.

We have been following each others blog for over a year so what a treat it is to finally meet in person. Our week of adventures began with Pam's  huge smile, hugs and puppy treats for the Tan Clan. This is Pam and Vic's first time to visit Moab. Joe and I have enjoyed their enthusiasm to "experience" this small town surrounded by snow-capped mountains and red rock formations. 

 Imagine our excitement when a Jeep ride was mentioned. Early Friday morning, the four of us loaded up in Pearl and headed out Kane Creek Road for Hurrah Pass.

After several switchbacks that took us into the canyon, we cleared a few water crossings.

The trail then climbs a series of small ledges. Rains have washed out the trail in many places leaving boulders and narrow passes. Now that's a thrill!

When I down loaded pictures, I was shocked! There were not very many to choose from. It seems the girls in the back seat were too busy sharing stories about puppies, children, and life on the road to take pictures.

When Joe and I returned home, we found a note in the door from friends we met a year ago this month. Guy and Catherine are from Belgium. We met them on the Landscape Arch primitive hiking trail. Guy and Joe have stayed in touch thru e-mails and have planned on meeting  here in Moab for many months.


Guy and Catherine really wanted to do Fins & Things (a difficult 4X4 trail in the Sand Flats Recreation Area) so Saturday morning Pearl once again "did her thing".

If you are not afraid of heights and have never ridden the fins...it is a breathtaking experience! Some places are "leather pinchers", but that only adds to the total thrill of the ups and downs and crawling on a mountain of sandstone.

We were lucky enough to follow a jeeper a few sites down from us at Portal...thanks Jim!

And fell right in line with the neatest family...thanks Daneka! We enjoyed our day with all of you.

The picture doesn't show how really steep this is.

The black lines help to keep you on the trail.

A stop for lunch...and what a feast it was! Everyone shares...fresh blueberries, deli rolls, salamai, oatmeal cookies...

A perfect ending to the day...dinner at the Moab Brewery!

 Stay tuned...this energetic group is not done. Up next, exploring Arches NP.
I did see an egret at the Koi Pond in front of Belle.

I love my new Bird Guide...and after studying, my guess is a juvenile Snowy Egret because of the foraging posture and the details on the bill and leg color. What do you think?

The Tan Clan is also enjoying the great outdoors. All is good when we can enjoy sitting out with them.

There is a really cute Fox Terrier next door the girls had to check out!

Until next time, take care...

and happy trails!


  1. I am sure your visit this year will be as good, if not better, than last year. If things go well with mom's surgery in a few weeks, then we might make Moab in September, I sure hope so. --Dave (GoingRvWay.com)

    1. Moab sure offers a lot to do and see Dave. Positive thoughts for a quick recovery for your Mom.

  2. Looks like you are really enjoying the Moab again and meeting up with friends is fun too.

    1. It is a small world isn't it George...we feel like we already knew Pam and Vic just from reading their blog. And to see our friends from Belgium really speaks to how small our world is.

  3. That site is so perfect for the dogs with all the space, concrete, and distance from your neighbor. I just love that site and surroundings. I think it is one of my favorite.

    How neat that you finally met Vic and Pam. They are a super couple. Glad they got out for a Jeep trip with you in Pearl. I bet they loved it. Meeting new blog friends sure is a flurry of conversation. I can totally understand the lack of photos.

    We never did Fins and Things. Can you drive it with a stock Jeep? We don't have an changes made to our Jeep.

    Can't wait to see what else you have in store!! Say hello to Pam and Vic for us!

    1. Good morning Pam...we did parts of the first section of Fins & Things last year when Pearl was stock. With a 4 door Rubicon, aired down tires, and a good spotter you could do the first part of the trail. The second part of the trail is much more difficult, but again with your jeep and a good spotter, you could probabally do it and take the "alternative" route. Please take these opinions with caution because we are by no means experts and have so much to learn.

      I so agree with the site here. The space is so nice!

      We have had an awesome time with Pam and Vic...what great folks!

  4. Dang! Sure wish a jeep could pull a fiver. Appears I'm missing out on a whole lotta fun.

    1. Hi Gayle...if we ever are here at the same time, Pearl will gladly take you on some trails! There are also lots of rental jeeps in the area. Rock crawling sure gives you an up close and personal experience with the area.

    2. Don was happy to hear that. Maybe we'll do some keeping after all.

  5. We get to see some really great areas with our truck that cars can't get to but Pearl really takes you to amazing places. Sounds like you really are having a great time. Moab is such a beautiful area.

  6. Moab is definitely a highlight. However, some of those trails around there are not for the weak.

    1. It always seems a little more scary than it really is Jeri. Thank goodness we don't go fast! I would not want to be in some of those ATVs. Man they fly!

  7. What a fun read! Of course, being here to experience some of these adventures makes it even more exciting.

    I didn't do any better taking photos of our 4-wheeling at Hurrah Pass. Seeing your photos of Fins & Things gave me a much better understanding of what you mean by a "leather pinching" experience. I would have been the first to pinch leather.

    We feel incredibly lucky to have had you and Joe as our tour guides for our introduction to Moab. Love your enthusiasm and joie de vivre.

    1. It was so much fun having you and Vic ride with us. Our time together in Moab has been much too short! Next time....Fins & Things! I also wanted to take you to Long Canyon for a rim ride...so see, now you have to come back!

  8. I can't wait for my turn to ride on your jeep :)
    Your pics Gay are making me run to where you are now, gorgeous. And I forgot to tell you that your header is just vivid and oh so beautiful.

    1. Thank you MonaLiza.
      We would love for you and Steve to join us anytime you can. It is quite a thrill to crawl over the rocks, traverse thru the canyons and ride the rims...

  9. I can hear the excitement in your voice (post)! Beautiful photos of the area and it looks pretty scary to me! Lol

    You are correct with your Id on the Snowy Egret, the yellow slippers are the give-a-way!

    Jeep on girl!!

    1. Thank goodness we creep along really slow in Pearl. It's not that scary.
      I was so surprised to see the Snowy Egret here. I have been patiently waiting for the orioles. I have orange halves and grape jelly in the feeder, but no takers yet. The hummingbirds have been very busy at their feeder...what a treat to watch them zoom in and out!