Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sego Canyon - Rock Art and Ghost Town

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
August 17, 2014

U.S. 6
 Last Sunday's trail adventure was a ride thru Sego Canyon. To get to Sego Canyon head north on Highway 191 for about 30 miles, go under the I-70 bridge and turn right.

This little-used paved road is U.S. 6 and parallels the interstate. At Thompson Springs, turn left where U.S. 6 ends.

The trail begins about 4 miles after the left turn. It's an easy trail when dry, impassable when wet.
Sego, unlike most ghost towns in Utah, has a history of coal mining. A rancher named Harry Ballard (he lived in Thompson Springs) made the discovery in the early 1800s. He bought up all the land surrounding his find and began mining on a small scale. In 1911, he sold his mine to a group of investors who built a store, a boarding house, and other buildings. In 1947, the mine was closed.

The first rock panel we saw  was unlike any I have ever seen. It was from the Fremont people who lived throughout Utah and adjacent areas from 700 to 1300 AD.
According to the plaque above, these red painted figures are the oldest of the Fremont people in this area.
More recent Fremont period carvings are under the painted figures on the same panel.

 Nearby is another rock panel left by the Archaic people. From what I read, the Barrier Canyon style rock art is somewhere between 1500 and 4000 years old.   

It's so hard to believe that someone would vandalize these panels.

We also could see a panel across the road...

Ber and his wife Charlotte were our trail leaders. This was a first time trail for everyone else who went.

After the Sego Ghost Town, the trail traverses a ledge road with switchbacks...a climb of 5000 feet to reach the end of the trail with a locked gate.

Another week-end already. My how time flies! Until next time, stay safe and...

happy trails!


  1. Love your header! I love taking pictures of our deer friends.

  2. You have a most beautiful back yard these days! Beautiful captures Gay!

  3. I didn't know about this area. Sounds awesome. Pinning it for next April:) Thanks!!

  4. More awesome pictures and some wonderful times you are having.

  5. Your header says, "What are you looking at kid?" Beautiful.
    So is the ghost town accessible only by jeep? or can we hike there, Gay?

    1. Hi can travel the road in a stock SUV. It is very easy, but don't go if it's raining.

  6. That is one magnificent tour!

  7. I was not familiar with this locale but it will be on our list. I am fascinated by petroglyphs and your pictures are amazing.