Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Day 5...

Portal RV Resort
Moab, Utah
September, 15, 2014

Day 5 was the charm...that is Day 5 in the chemo treatment cycle. Overall, Joe has done great. He never even needed any of the three extra meds we got to help with nausea on Day 2 or 3. And on Day 4, he stopped the one medicine he was told he must take to stop nausea for the first 48 hours. Yesterday was Day 5...we made a trip to Grand Junction for a follow-up visit with the Cardiac/Thoracic surgeon. Dr. Lapkin was very pleased with the progress, took out the stitches and said he would like to see Joe in a year. A YEAR! That was just the best news ever! Joe felt better yesterday than he has in months. The other good news...no restrictions on activities and we are hoping to be hiking and jeeping very soon. His lungs and heart are both strong. He does have 5 more chemo treatments.
 Last Saturday morning I took a walk around Portal...all the pictures in todays post are from that walk. It was cool, the sky was so blue and I had a fun time exploring some areas here I have never seen. 

A view of the LaSal Mountains from Portal... 

Portal actually backs up to a watershed formed by the Colorado River. I will revisit this sign in the near future...I was wearing flip-flops and quickly decided that was not good for wandering further into "Portal Outback".

There were lots of dragonflies...Joe and I just watched an episode on Nat Geo about dragonflies. Did you know they were in existence 100 million years before dinosaurs?  According to National Geographic, they are so perfectly made with full body armor and extraordinary eyesight that the only change in their "design" has been in their size.

There are also two spring fed ponds...one for pups and the other for people. White butterflies were fluttering all about. It was hard to get any pictures of them...they were so fast!

Dragonfly wings glisten in the sunlight...
We had visitors late Saturday afternoon while we were sitting outside enjoying some fresh air...

 Three fawns and their mama stopped by for a bite in the meadow...our backyard. Well, mama didn't eat. She stood guard. She wasn't so sure about us.

We so enjoy watching the sunset on the red rocks...its beautiful to watch the sunrise on the red rocks too!

 I am slowly catching up on blogs. Reading about your adventures and making notes!

Well, that's all for now...until next time, take care and...

 happy trails!


  1. That is great news about Joe. So glad that everything went well and that he doesn't have to go back to the doctor's for a whole year.

    Love your pictures from your walk, the wildlife and scenery are beautiful. We have lots of dragonflies here as well which also means that we have lots of mosquitoes and unfortunately I think that they out number the dragonflies by a lot!


  2. A whole year is a great thing! The doctor is saying he's good to go! As usual, your pictures are magnificent.

  3. Great news about Joe. Ken and I were both very happy to hear that. Where are you headed this winter. We're going back to PCB.

  4. Wonderful news! We're so happy to hear that Joe's health is improved & he has no check ups for a whole year! Nice post today Gay. Your visitors are just the type of company I'd enjoy having.

  5. Good to hear that Joe is doing well. That gorgeous spot you are in probably has a healing effect on him too! I just love dragonflies, you sure captured some beauties!

  6. Yeah, thats the news we like to hear, Joe is good to go with no restrictions. How about that!
    I have not been successful with dragonfly pictures, they move so fast.

  7. Really great news about Joe. I'm so happy for the both of you.

  8. I am so excited to read this post and hear the good news for Joe. That just made my day.

  9. What wonderful news! How exciting to hear the doctor say those words:) You must be on cloud nine. Happy hiking and Jeeping!!!

  10. What wonderful news! I am so happy and grateful Joe is doing so well! Happy celebrating!

  11. Great news! Praying the rest of chemo treatment goes as well.

    Steve and I really liked Portal RV Resort. Hope to make it back there again.

  12. Life is filled with amazing things and the news along with Joe feeling GOOD is one of the very best. I know both your hearts must be bursting with joy! Enjoy the days, the ordinary and the extraordinary! Like a beautiful dragonfly, a fawn and its Mom and a cute love able doggie with a tug toy! The best news!!

  13. What joy you must both be feeling with the great prognosis on Joe's health. I think your courage and faith are big factors in this outcome. Seize the day!

    Love the dragonfly history and photos.

  14. Great to read about Joe's good report and that he is doing so well on his treatments.

  15. BTW, love the dragon fly shots the red ones are the best.