Saturday, December 13, 2014

No, he wasn't singing!

Tucson/Lazydays KOA
Tucson, AZ
December 13, 2014

Dec. 6th full moon early in the morning...
Our Tan Clan waiting very patiently for a walk.
 We have no blog worthy news, but I do like to stay in touch. Not a lot is going on around here in Tucson. That's not to say we haven't been a little busy. Shopping is done, presents are wrapped and on their way to grandchildren. Christmas cards were addressed and actually  mailed on Dec. 8th. And the biggest thing to check off the list...drum roll that all our storage inside and out has been cleaned out and reorganized. That's right, our closet, under the bed, drawers, all cabinets, and basement are spiffy clean and neatly packed.    

A rainbow this morning...first full arch I have ever seen.

 We woke up to sunny, gray skies this morning. And it wasn't long before the rains came. A rainy day in Tucson is quite special. We have enjoyed a lazy, cuddly day on the sofa with the pups, Christmas music and the wonderful smell of chicken and dumplings cooking in the crockpot.  
 I did manage to get out for a walk with each of the pups during a break in the rain this afternoon. We have never spent December in Tucson...usually January or after. I was quite surprised to find the trees so full of fruit.

The grapefruits are huge!
 There are lemon trees too. So far all we have picked are the oranges...very juicy and sweet!

The flowers on the picnic table were happy. I am pretty sure they enjoyed a rainy day too. Did I mention that all my flowers froze before we left Moab on Nov. 1? Well, they did. I have replaced the kalanchoe ( Red is my favorite!), the geraniums and got a Christmas Cactus too. I haven't replaced my cacti garden yet.

 Those beautiful hummingbirds were zipping and squealing all around the patio today. This brings me to the title for the post today...he is a fussy little thing and very selfish when it comes to sharing his food.

No, he wasn't singing!
Ah...the simple pleasures in life!
Our day started out with a perfectly arched rainbow and ended with a beautiful Arizona sky.

 So until next time, take care and...

happy trails!


  1. It is great to hear from you:) Doesn't it feel wonderful to get every area cleaned out and straightened! Good job!

    We were in Lazydays for a month from mid Jan to mid Feb and the trees were loaded with fruit. I went out and bought a juicer the night we arrived. I made 10 half gallons of juice. I combined the grapefruit with the orange. I froze enough to last us several months. I also squeezed lemons and froze the juice in ice cube trays. I had fresh lemon juice for half a year. I hope there is still fruit when we arrive in Jan!!

    Love the rainbow!! There are the most beautiful rainbows out west, as well as, spectacular sunsets!!

    1. I am sure there will be lots of fruit here in Jan. Pam. Fresh squeezed is always the best!

  2. Always love when you blog because I know you'll post beautiful pictures.

    We'll be leaving for Florida in a few days. I'm looking forward to fresh fruit. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

    1. Thank you Joan...what great motivation to walk with the camera in hand!
      Enjoy your family and Merry travels to Florida!

  3. Love the birds. Love the oranges. Love the pictures of the sky. I don't love the fact that I haven't finished my Christmas shopping.

    1. Thank goodness we don't have much shopping to do anymore Jeri...all our children are grown and there are only a few little tots to surprise!

  4. Sure is nice to get everything cleaned out and organized. Christmas pretty well taken care of too. Enjoy.

    1. You know we will enjoy and Susie too!

  5. Wow! Beautiful photos Gay. I couldn't pick a favorite. The Arizonia sky is just spectacular & you captured Mr. Hummingbird perfectly. It's nice to just kick back, relax & absorb all the glory that nature has to offer around us.

  6. Congratulations on your reorganization success, Gay. You will be my inspiration now that we are in one spot for a month.
    As always your pictures are just excellent especially that Arizona sunset.

    1. Enjoy your month in Texas MonaLiza. Can't wait to read where you are headed for 2015...
      The weird thing about that sunset was it happened as I was writing the post. It had been cloudy and rainy all day and then tah-dah...just what I needed to finish the blog! I didn't change a thing about the pictures color/exposure editing.

  7. I love the fruit trees! I know they taste delicious!! I hope you, Joe and your pups all have a wonderful Christmas!