Saturday, November 5, 2016

Moab Rim

Gopher Flats
Moab, UT
October 24, 2016

Joe and I have enjoyed several hikes on Moab Rim and Hidden Valley area during the past several years, but for a couple of years now, we have dodged Moab Rim 4X4 trail...every since we witnessed first hand a jeep in a "head stand" almost vertical coming down one of the obstacles known as the Z-turn.  We were passengers with Dee that day and to say it made a great impression on us is an understatement. (To check that post out, click on Featured Post in the right hand column.) Charles Wells describes this trail as "difficult and dangerous" and goes on to say "The first mile scares the wits out of most people."  Well, with Dee's help, we can now say we have done it.  Corky and Libby Yates (visiting from Arkansas) joined us...they were first timers on this trail too.

Moab Rim starts off with a bang.  Right from the get-go, the scary fun begins.  

With jeeps parked below the Z turn...

Corky watches as Dee describes the Z turn.
...we all get out and Dee shows us what we are going to do and why.

Her explanations are concise and thorough.    


Dee drives the obstacle first...we watch.

She always comes back to spot us.

Corky drives up the Z turn next as Joe watches his careful tire placement.  His front driver tire gets air as the passenger tire climbs the ledge.  

Notice how close the driver side front tire is to the rock that juts out...the closer the better.  Just a few inches can make a huge difference for a successful climb/descent.

 This nearly 8 mile (roundtrip) trail offers all my favorites !

A narrow shelf road to the top of the rim...
...humongous views...
Libby and Dee taking pictures of Moab below...

The Valley...
 ...and domes and slick rock.  As we crested this dome, we had a great view of Sleeping Buffalo (the rock formation in the center) and the trails that lead to Hidden Valley in the top right quadrant. 

 What goes up, must go down.  The Z turn and Devil's Crack can't be bypassed.  

Dee got great pictures of Joe and Corky as we head out. First the Z turn...

...then Devil's Crack. 
Joe and I watched from behind as Corky drove the crack like a pro while Libby took pictures.  You can't see Dee, but she is standing right in front of Corky if he needs help.
Potash Road and Poison Spider Mesa can be seen on the other side of the Colorado River.  The views coming down were spectacular.

  Dee shared her pictures of Joe lining up at the crack...

...crossing the crack...

...and headed for the exit.  WAHOO!
Yes, the crack is on the cliff edge and that is Kane Creek Road and the Colorado River directly below.

From there it was off to Zax for a brew (well maybe a few brews) and late lunch with lots of laughs and recaps of our adventure.  Thanks are awesome ! We hope there is more wheeling with you in the future Corky and Libby...what a great day !

Until next time, let the good times roll...



  1. Oh, I wish we had been there to see you drive the Moab Rim. Hiking up that beginning part made us really wonder how anyone drove up or down there. We decided to walk the Jeep trail up instead of of the hiking trail to see what it was like...totally crazy!! But congrats on a great drive! So glad all went well:) The views from up there are amazing!

    1. I agree Pam...the views in all directions are well worth the effort whether on foot or by jeep. We did encounter a bicycle rider on his way up as we were coming down...I can't imagine that!

  2. That's quite the accomplishment - congrats! Wonderful photos, felt like I was right there watching the fun.

  3. Upping your game this year, I see! Nice going. You are so fortunate to have Dee as a guide and coach!

    1. Thanks for noticing Lisa...Joe feels much more confident ! And yes, we couldn't...ummm...wouldn't do it without Dee's help! She has taught us so much!

  4. You absolutely get spectacular photos but like I've said so many times before ... there is no way I could ever do that either in my Jeep or in yours. I'd be scared to death.

  5. Thank goodness for knowledgeable friends like Dee! Enjoy the rides!

  6. You guys certainly are enjoying to the fullest with Pearl! with Dee's guidance, she really is a pro and I can attest to that.