Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Summertime in Moab !

Gopher Flats
Moab, UT
Summer 2017

This has been a fantastic summer. Joe and I have enjoyed staying put for awhile.  Of course, we have great friends here to spend time with, have made lots of new friends,  and our new toy, better known as Wile E. Coyote, has been a blast !  Yes, it has been, make that toasty warm...but that has not deterred us from getting out early in the mornings and enjoying the trails. In fact, we added 222.6 miles of wheeling to Wile E's odometer.  

Here are some highlights from June, July and August...

Ber and Carole sharing maps and discussing options on Polar Mesa.

Ber and Charlotte at the over look on Polar Mesa.  Ber led Polar Mesa Trail and shared lots of stories about his dad who drove a mining truck on this very trail back in the early 1900s.  We love his stories and history!  Ber had just turned 93 years old the day before.

Following Ber on Onion Creek to Thompson Canyon then Polar Mesa.

Onion Creek is very colorful...and lots of fun.  We crossed the creek 29 times.

Awesome fun following Jeff on Cliffhanger.  Here we (Jeff, us, Glen and Dee) are parked at the overlook.

Jamie on Metal Masher...
Following Dee on Moab Rim is a treat ! Here we just climbed Devil's Crack on the cliff edge and are headed to the Z Turn.  This trail starts out with a bang...and scary fun ! 

We had Moab Rim all to ourselves except for a couple of hikers.  This was a bit scary...for real !  Our brakes gave away just as we descended Z Turn.  Thank goodness for this boulder and a huge "whew moment" this happened before we got to Devil's Crack.

Hell' Revenge remains one of my favorite trails.    
Thanks to Dee, we met a great group of Canadians led by Jay Malo.  We joined them on several trails during the week they were here.  
The first trail was Behind the Rocks...

The Rocks

Another day, we joined them on Pickle and Mashed Potatoes.  I love this short and narrow canyon with lot of ledges called Pickle...
Wile E wiggles his way around and up through a very narrow spot.  Locals say this is the spot that gave the Pickle its name. 

And lastly, we joined them on Rusty Nail.  Here Dee spots Jay up Riff Raff.
Driving down the switchback on Gemini Bridges Road after Rusty Nail.

Dover enjoying a cool morning on Willow Springs Road.  

Part of the trail in Arches NP is in a wash.  Sometimes, it looks like the plants are tip toeing.

Another day on Cliffhanger Dee took this picture just as we were descending the Cliffhanger Obstacle.  It shows how really close to the cliff edge it is.  Going down you can hug the wall, but going up on the way out, you hug the edge...yikes!

Our only sunset ride was on 7 Mile Rim.  This was a scheduled monthly ride for Red Rock 4 Wheelers and always a popular ride.  

The late day lighting was perfect.

The sunset only so-so.
We always park below the Merrimac Butte...
...facing the Monitor Butte.

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  1. I was beginning to wonder if you drove off Cliffhanger :) Nice to have you online again. Beautiful pictures of some challenging rides. Trust Wile E was not damaged wen the boulder was used as an auxiliary brake.

    1. Thanks Jeff...Wile E has new brake lines. Another good reason to never go out on the trails alone!

  2. Oh, my! Those two photos of Wile E are heart stoppers...the Pickle and Cliff Hanger! Wow! Glad the rock was available to be your brakes!!! Sure do miss the colorful rocks! Love that group photo in front of Merrimac Butte. What a super closing photo:) Sure was a fun summer!

    1. We had a huge group for the sunset trail run. We usually have a bonfire and s' mores, but there was a fire ban this year. It was nice spending the summer here, but Olympic NP is still on my list...we will see what next year brings!

  3. Glad to see you back again , and love all you photos and adventures you are having in Moab.

  4. I think I'm glad we side by side instead of going in the jeep--those are exciting trails--YIKES! And I hope at 93 I am still out ATVing and jeeping!

  5. Love that photo of you guys coming down Cliffhanger Obstacle! Looks like you've had a great summer!

  6. I can't believe you summered in Moab! Kudos for that, but first and foremost...I will never go on a Jeep ride you you two! No offense, understand. :)

    1. I do remember sayin "I'm hot! " a lot Mark, but looking back on it time flew by! I can't believe it is already Sept. We do have an extra's waiting just for you!

  7. That Cliffhanger pic makes my body parts pucker! Can't imagine losing brakes on any of those trails. Looks like fun (mostly).

    We will be in Moab earlier than planned as we reroute trying to get out of the smoke. Probably the week of the 18th, I'll reach out when I know for sure.

  8. We "think" we're heading towards Moab on our move south. Hopefully, the weather will be nice. You've had some amazing adventures there this year.

    1. It has cooled off a good bit...high 80s/low 90s, but the evenings and mornings are awesome.

  9. What a great summer you had :) Im jealous :(