Monday, January 29, 2018

Tree Sculpture Tour

Galveston Island RV Resort
Galveston, TX
January 23, 2018

The Tree Sculpture Tour mostly located in the East End Historic District begins at the intersection of 20th and Sealy.  There is a great map at the Visitor Center with details of each sculpture...21 of them.  Back in 2008 the damaging combination of powerful winds and waves uprooted many of the city's old trees.  Some of the local residents had the great idea to turn the downed trees into signs of rejuvenation.    

Whimsical tree sculptures have replaced the majestic oaks that once lined many neighborhood streets.  The sculptures, tucked away in gardens and side yards were paid for by private residents.  These homeowners own a Great Dane.  The tree had actually grown around the fence at the spot where the paws of his sculpture grip the fence.

The sculptures aren't the only draw to this historic neighborhood,  the homes range from small, simple cottages to large...ummm...huge elaborate homes.  

The earliest homes were built around the 1850s and have withstood the devastating hurricanes of 1900 and 2008.

Most of the homes are adorned with plaques...the most impressive to me is the 1900 Storm Survivor.  There are lots of plaques to describe the homes architecture, year built and information about who built and lived in the home.

The self guided tour is open to the public.  We walked, but you could bike or drive the tour...don't forget your map !

Following are a few pictures from the tour...
Tall Ship Elissa Figurehead...homeowners love for ships

Geisha Girl...represents the homeowners love for the Orient and is a reminder to their many trips there...she is facing west to represent the direction you need to travel to get to Japan

Birds of Galveston...this large Live Oak contains 17 birds on the branches
My favorite was a sculpture of dolphins.  I don't remember the name.  Joe reminded me that we did see a sculpture that was not on the map...prehaps a newer one...makes for a nice excuse for not knowing.  The detail was incredible. 
We did enjoy our walk.  Parking is along the street and free.  This time of year, we didn't have any trouble pulling into a space.  Of course we did work up an appetite and chose The Spot for a combo (snapper and shrimp) Po-Boy and yummy onion rings.

Stay tuned for our adventures with Corky and Libby.  Libby loves Galveston and Corky's mom grew up on the island so when they found out we were coming here, they made plans for a visit.  It was a blast !  

Until next time...
I have a thing for doors !



  1. I love pretty urban walks and this one looks wonderful! Making those old trees into sculptures is a great way to bring beauty to a damaged area and to commemorate the old trees lives.

  2. Love those tree sculptures nice to see the work that went into them. Quite a few in Biloxi Mississippi as well that we enjoyed.

    1. That’s good to know George...we have never stopped in Biloxi.

  3. Definitely a great way to add a different type of beauty to areas devastated by storms. We'll have to check out both areas mentioned.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Galveston had been a nice surprise. There really is a lot to see and do here and so much history!

  4. Love the idea of preserving the trees with the carvings. The ones you shared are beautiful. Looks like lots of fun visiting the area!

    1. We have enjoyed our visit here Pam...island time is awesome!

  5. Love beautiful, historic neighborhoods. You captured such unique offerings! I love the carved trees. In the little gulf town of Bay St Louis, MS, there are several carved trunks from the many devastated old growth trees there. They really do give a wonderful sense of revival! I too love doors, and that last one is stunning.

    1. It’s pretty cool to read all about the history of these homes here Jodee. As always, I took so many pictures...such a variety of architecture. The stained glass & entrance doors are amazing!