Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Some Revenge and A Little Poison

Gopher Flats
Moab, UT
May 6, 2018

So it's been a little over a week since we last posted.  It's been busy around here.  

Last Wednesday, our sweet Sally had surgery to remove bladder stones.  She was very droopy the first three days, but seems to be feeling more like her old self.  She has always been a model patient and so appreciative.  

We have also been busy wheeling some of our favorite trails...ok, I know I say that about every trail we run, but we just love this place !  Hell's Revenge, Moab's iconic trail, is usually at the top of everyone's list when visiting Moab.  We have done it twice in the past week.  First we joined Rory, Dee, David and Erica, and Chris.  Rory entertained us by driving up Escalator, driving down Escalator, and for the grand finale he backed up Escalator.  Rory and his buggy are legendary !
David drives up Escalator as Rory follows backing up it.

David played going up and down and Rory spotted Chris on her first successful climb on Escalator.  Dee  hasn't been happy with her past several runs up but was quite pleased Blanche performed flawlessly on this day !  We took a pass and I don't mean the flirty kind... Joe trusted his inner voice that said today was not the day for our first attempt.    
Rory spots Chris up Escalator...a personal goal for her.  Chris has a well built 2-door Rubicon and never shies away from a challenge. 

 After Hells, we headed over to Potato Salad Hill...a first for us.  Rory spotted us all up this ledgy hill that is notorious for rollovers.  Thanks to Rory we all made successful climbs !
Dee makes Potato Salad Hill look easy as Rory stands at the top giving her a spot. 
David (on the right) drives up Potato Salad Hill while Rory backs down it. 
Next up was Poison Spider trail.  We joined Dee, Chris and Canadians Robert and Karen.  With just the four of us we made quick time enjoying the beautiful day and scenery.  
Trail Warriors
Chris begins her climb on The Waterfall.

Robert and Karen climb a ledgy section just past the chute.

Yucca lined the trail...

The Havasu 4 Wheelers were here for a week and we had the great pleasure to join them on Hells.
Glen led them through the trail. There were about 7 jeeps of all sizes in the Havasu group...all excited and eager and up for the challenge !  Every jeep in the group did Hell's Gate and Escalator.  And Chris' dad, Howard even tried Mickey's Hot Tub, it was so close, but in the end he needed a strap.  I am way excited to post that Joe drove Escalator and Mickey's Hot Tub for the first time with Glen's expert spotting !  We can now say we have driven everything Hells has to offer ! 

The drop into Hell's Gate is amazing.

Below Glen drives the line. 

 These obstacles force you to pay close attention to what you are doing no matter how many times you have done them before.  Below one of the Havasu wheelers gets a passenger wheel lift and on top of that he drives a manual and his jeep went dead.  He did an awesome job of managing the clutch, brake, and gas to drive himself out.  

Mickey's Hot Tub was up next.  After Glen and Joe drove it, Howard gave it a try.

Glen did a great job of describing The Escalator and telling everyone what to expect. 

What a great day with old and new friends !  Until next time...

Up next...creek crossings, a pinch, ledge crawling acrobats, and nerves of steel ! 


  1. I would have loved that in my younger days. Good that trails are used rather than going everywhere.

  2. Like Larry said I would have loved that in my younger days, but don't think I could that anymore, Thanks for showing us your fun experiences though.

  3. Excellent description and photos, Gay! Congratulations on the Hell’s Trifecta: Hell’s Gate, Mickey’s Hot Tub, and the Escalator!!

    1. Thank you Dee. Can’t wait to get back on Hells and do it all over again!

  4. And I thought we ATVers got ourselves into some scary places but you jeep folks have us beat! Great photos!

    1. Thanks Janna...I’m always amazed at the ATVs too!

  5. Who comes up with the names for the trails? Very descriptive! Great photos of the group doing what the do.

    1. That’s a great question Jeff...I have no idea!

  6. Wonderful photos although they all make my whole body cringe!

    1. Thank you Jodee...sometimes they make me cringe too!

  7. Oh, my, Gay!! What great scary!! You captured the "horror" of your adventures:))