Saturday, June 2, 2018

A Trail Fix and No Lights

Gopher Flats 
Moab, UT
May 26, 2018

It was Memorial Day week-end and we had lots of plans.  Two trails to wheel on Saturday, one on Sunday, and one on Monday.  As with all great plans, things happen.  Joe and I headed out to run Rusty Nail early Saturday morning with Dee, Chris, Doug and Larry.  We were excited when Rory and his friends Randy and Michelle, from Wyoming, caught up with us which made a total of seven vehicles.  It was Chris' goal to walk up The Wall which has been a challenge for her in her shorter wheelbase, very well built,  two-door Rubicon.  

The morning started out with clear skies and a cool breeze...all was good !  

The first named obstacle on Rusty Nail is Riff-Raff.  Chris checks her line and drove right up...

and so did Larry ! 

Rory took the harder buggy line up.  Always a fun day to watch him wheel !

After Larry made his climb he noticed fluids coming from his Toyota truck buggy.  He did a quick inspection and decided to turn around since he couldn't locate the source.  

Up next is The Wall.  Rory and Chris worked very hard, but in the end decided to use a strap.  Chris is so close to claiming victory over The Wall...she will make it soon !  

Rory entertains us all as he crawls the buggy line up The Wall.
 Randy and Michelle gave Rory's line a try and  flexed their way up easily.   They have an awesome YJ.

As we headed to No Left Turn, Rory (who was behind us) noticed we were loosing fluids.  It turned out to be a high pressure hydraulic line which meant no steering.  Rory worked on the hose and filled it up with fluids (We never go out without lots of fluids !) and we continued on.  Joe drove No Left Turn without me.  Rory watches for fluids as Joe begins down... 

 and he gets a smile and thumbs up from Dee !
 Unfortunately the fix did not work on WileE.  Rory spent more time trying to make WileE drivable enough for us to get off trail, but it wasn't meant to be.  Also, Doug's buggy would not was a computer issue.  We left the vehicles and returned to town.  Chris brought me home while Rory picked up parts for WileE and swapped his buggy for the tow truck.  Dee, Joe, Rory and Doug all went back.  Rory towed Doug back up No Left Turn and down The Wall and Riff-Raff...Joe and Dee followed them.  

Saturday night was a club night run on Steelbender.  I really enjoy the night runs, especially this time of year.

We entered on the north end and took the northwest loop and came out the way we went in.  When it was time to turn on headlights to see the trail, guess what? We didn't have any !  A huge thank you to Chris, Dee and Susan for guiding us off trail and back home safely.  

Well, until next time, happy days and...


Steelbender was the end of our trail time for the week-end.  We passed on Hell's Revenge Sunday and Rose Garden Hill on Monday. 

P.S.  Dover says "Hi" from Moab !

And I took a really pretty picture of our home last Wednesday morning about 6:30 am.  The sun was just peeking out from behind the LaSals and lighting up Moab Rim as we were heading to the gym.

Home Sweet Home at Gopher Flats


  1. They may name part of 'No Left Turn' after you as 'No Right Turn Either'. There's good reason to travel together and be prepared. It's always difficult to leave the automotive fluids in sensitive areas, at least you were on the trail where clean up is easier.

    1. So true Jeff! We always carry spill kits. All of us are advocates for Tread Lightly.

  2. While it looked like two fun rides, I was sorry to see WileE had problems. Riding during the daytime gives me shivers, I can't begin to imagine riding at night. I would need huge flood lights:) Dover looks so happy. Sweet photo:) Love, love your Moab home!

    1. We are quite comfortable here at Gopher Flats Pam. I love the quiet too! We won’t go about again without checking to see if the lights work Pam. Joe worked on the wiring and we do have lightsnow, but a major rewiring is planned for August. I’ll have to admit that having no lights sure added a bit of excitement to the evening! Dover enjoys her peaceful time here...she is such a sweet girl!

  3. Driving out with just the lights from others would be one thing, but I can't imagine being towed out of some those crazy trails! Still, I know it's part of the adventure and being prepared means less drama when the inevitable happens. Gorgeous views along the trail and still so green!!

  4. Your Jeeps sure do get a workout.