Saturday, July 14, 2018

A Radicool Tide pool Area...Salt Creek Recreation Area

Elwha Dam RV Park
Port Angeles, WA
July 13, 2018

Yesterday was a most exciting day for me.  The low tide was at the perfect time of day and the weather was amazingly gorgeous.  Our destination, Tongue Point Marine Life Sanctuary,  is about 15 miles from home located in the Salt Creek Recreation Area on Camp Hayden Rd. 

Camp Hayden is home to remnants of the WWll-era.  

Several bunkers and forts were built along the Strait of Juan de Fuca to protect the Puget Sound and the Naval Shipyard at Bremerton.

Tongue Point is so photogenic.  I've enjoyed pictures of this point for years so imagine how excited I was to be taking my own.  

From the parking lot...

it's a short hike to the concrete steps that drop to the ocean floor.

 Just look at all the exploring that waits ahead !

Tongue Point Marine Life Sanctuary is the eastern most open rock intertidal habitat in the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  In one article I read, these tide pools that jut out from Crescent Bay are deemed world famous by marine biologists and tourists.

Joe waited at the steps.  He kept my camera.  The seaweed makes exploring very slippery...I couldn't afford to slip and fall with camera in hand so all the photos were taken with my phone.
Crab in a mussel shell

A mama river otter swims toward her den. I was really disappointed I didn't have my camera for these photos.
Mama River Otter with two adorable and playful! 


Green Sea Anemone

Purple Starfish...Ochre Starfish

Blood Starfish

Red Sea Urchin

Purple Sea Urchin

Velvety Red Sponge

I ventured as far out onto the point as I could.

I carefully made my way over to the beach area.

Goose-neck Barnacles

I can't say enough about my adventure in the tide pools.  I loved every second I was there. 

So until next time, enjoy your adventure and...


 I almost forgot...when we were back at the jeep having a snack and water, we had visitors.
Mountain Beaver...not really a beaver, but so named because they gnaw bark and cut off limbs in a manner to true beavers.  Also believed to be the world's most primitive living rodent species. Mountain Beavers live in moist forests and ferny slopes. 

Black-tailed mama deer and fawn


  1. What an interesting area to explore, love you photos

  2. Well, I would say your phone served you well--good photos!!

  3. Amazing the amount of life you got to see.

  4. Wow! You certainly had a jackpot day at the tide pools. This is an amazing area. Nice that you were alone with the low tide so early in the morning. The otter is my all time favorite. So sweet you saw a family. Lucky you:) Thank goodness the cell phones take such nice photos. Thanks, Joe, for taking some photos of Gay having fun:)

  5. I so loved those tide pools too! And you were really fortunate to have such a low tide. The otters and mountain beaver were some amazing captures!

    1. The tide was a -2.74 I think Lisa...I loved watching the otter. Mama was doing a good job watching out for her babies! Sooooo sweet! I had never heard of mountain beavers before. So happy to have seen one!

  6. Perfect timing!! You really captured some gorgeous tide pool life. And getting to see baby otters in the wild - what a wonderful gift. Love the sweet little fawn and her mama :-)

    1. My lucky day for sure Jodee! We sat and watched the fawn and mama for quite a few adorable!

  7. Great timing on the tide pools, so much more color and variety than SoCal. Suzanne (Take to the highway) offered us this trip:
    "I will add one more reason to visit Neah Bay, and that is Kimm's "Take Home Fish Company." Best smoked salmon I have ever put in my mouth!"
    Cape Flattery for sure - skip Shi-Shi Beach, it's a long muddy hike and a repel down the cliff. Time can be better spent elsewhere.

    1. Joe and I circled the block half a dozen times looking for Take Home Fish Co and never found it Jeff...I was so disappointed, my mouth was watering for some smoked salmon.

  8. I am definitely jealous! I drove there twice but my timing was not great in October. But you took some great pictures to make me more jealous :) Lucky you to see that mountain beaver.

    1. Thank you MonaLiza...definitely a reason to worth it! It was a real treat to see our first mountain beaver sighting!

  9. I'm always amazed at how many tremendously colorful creatures can be found in the ocean. Glad you had great timing with them and the other wildlife in the area. Great captures!

  10. Love this area. Check out Freshwater Bay for kayaking. It's amazing.