Thursday, January 24, 2019

Some Hiking...San Diego WEEK 2 (Part 2)

San Diego Metro KOA
Chula Vista, CA
January 15, 2019

The later part of week 2, we enjoyed a couple of our favorite hikes.

Hollenbeck Canyon Wildlife Area
About 30 minutes away near the little town of Jumal is Hollenbeck Canyon.  
The former cattle ranch was designated a wildlife area in 2001.  
Unlike the last few years when we enjoyed the area for free, there is a $4.00 fee per person to enter.


As the pictures show, one of my favorite things about this hike are the trees...giant beautiful trees.

Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve
Torrey Pines SNR is located within the San Diego city limits.

This 1,500 acres of land gives us an idea of what Southern California must have looked like to the Spanish explorers. 
It is amazingly beautiful and remains one of my favorite spots to visit.  FYI...the entry price has increased...during High Season it is $15 Mon.-Thurs. and $20 Fri.-Sun. per car.  

Torrey Pines is home to our nation's rarest pine tree which is native only here and on Santa Rosa Island.
It was sad to see so many distressed tree.

 Unfortunately, extended drought conditions have weakened the trees making them unable to fight back against bark beetles that have infested and killed many trees.  

Cone shaped traps bated with battle pheromones have been placed in the park to catch and monitor the beetles.

Torrey Pines SNR is always at the top of the list when in San Diego...

The last time we were in San Diego was Jan 2017.  

We had the pleasure of meeting one of the many volunteers in the park that year.   We turned the corner this year and there was Ann in the same spot as 2017.  

Ronnie points out a group/pod of dolphins...

 So until next time...



  1. Many of San Diego's trails that were 'free' last year are now pay-per-use, and those that charged last year are more expensive this year! Arg! Even shopping centers are charging to park ...
    Beautiful pictures of your hikes, those white scales on the cactus are cochineal - try crushing one. It'll stain your finger a brilliant red. It's the bug that dyed Europe red!

  2. Hollenbeck Canyon is so pretty!. Those prices for Torrey Pines are CRAZY! Beautiful shots!