Sunday, February 3, 2019

So Much Color...San Diego WEEK 4

San Diego Metro KOA
Chula Vista, CA
January 26, 2019

Old Town
Old Town San Diego State Historic Park was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971.  

The State Historic Park preserves and recreates Old Town as it existed during the Mexican and early American from its settlement in 1821 through 1871. 

One of the original five adobe buildings in Old Town was constructed in 1827 by the Estudillo family.  

The home represents one of the oldest surviving examples of a large Spanish-Mexican one-story home in California.  The adobe home is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.  

Carol, Ronnie, Joe and I enjoyed a nice, but a little chilly, walk around Old Town before meeting Jeff and Fran for lunch.

Jeff's choice was Casa de Maria.  
Thanks for the photos Jeff!
And a great choice it was...locals know all the good places !  The courtyard was bright and sunny, but it was quite breezy so we settled in at one of the inside restaurant tables.

L to R: Carol, Joe, Jeff, Fran, me, and Ronnie

The food was yummy and the small frozen concoction we were all looking forward to was huge and also very yummy !  Great conversation and lots of laughs all made for a very nice lunch.

Coronado Beach Doggie Park
We really wanted to go to the doggie beach on Coronado Island every week, but little Jack over did it on our first trip.  A few days after that first trip, we had to make a trip to South Bay Veterinary Hospital.  (We took Dover there in Jan. 2017 and credit them for saving her life after 4 days in ICU from acute pancreatitis.)  Jack was quickly X-Rayed and thank goodness his spinal cord is all aligned and looks great.  Blood work was also done.  

It was determined that Jack had a severe case of "I over did it" with all the running and jumping he did.  After a few days of "puppy Tylenol" and muscle relaxers he is back to normal.  Our lesson learned is at 11+ years old he is no longer a puppy.  So from now on, we will keep the ball low to the ground and won't throw it so far.  Dr Deo is awesome and made a follow up call the next morning with results from his blood work and to check on Jack.

Seaport Village
Seaport Village is a downtown waterfront shopping and dining experience.  
Such a beautiful, bright and sunny California morning!

Can you believe this gorgeous area was once a railroad yard where goods came through the area?  Today it houses over 70 shops, galleries and eateries.  

For me, care-free and colorful best describe this unique complex.  We didn't walk the 4 miles of paths or go to the park, so I am pretty sure a return visit next trip will be on the list.  We did peruse a few specialty shops though.  My favorite was Swings and Things...
The things in Swings and Things...
Carol tries out one of the swings...
The other shop I especially liked was The Hat Shop.  
There is working carousel with hand carved animals in the village.  It was built in 1895.

A few more photos...


...and I will close for now !  So, until next time...



  1. It was great to see you both along with Ron and Diane again! So nice to catch up. I'm with Jack, after being held hostage by the rain for a few days. When Aj is forced away from the beach she does cart wheels when we go back! How is Jack doing now?
    Thanks so much for lunch! Hope our paths can cross in Moab this fall.

  2. San Diego has so much to offer. You and Joe are certainly keeping busy. So sorry to hear Jack over did it with his ball playing. He just loves to chase his ball so much. Good all is well and he just has those aches we understand that come with age.

  3. Thank goodness for great vets!! Loved your photos!

  4. So glad Jack is all fixed up!

    Wonderful to see Seaport Village - it's such a fun place. I agree the Hat Shop is awesome. The Upstart Crow has the best chai lattes on the planet (I've probably told you that already). It's definitely been cold since we got to SoCal.