Tuesday, April 23, 2019

April Trails...So Far!

Gopher Flats
April, 2019
Moab, UT

Moab...after six long months we are finally settled in at our favorite place to be !
Our first sunrise here...

We love it here at Gopher Flats... 
Apple blossoms...

and the pups do to.
Jack waits patiently to play ball...

Sally is constantly looking for grasshoppers...

Dover naps...

The weather has been such a hodgepodge...warm, cold,  heavy downpours, snow, dreary grey clouds, bright blue skies, breezy, and gusty winds that shook the MH.  A local said yesterday that in Moab can you experience all four seasons in a single day.  I think maybe he was right ! 

Still, we have enjoy a few trail runs.

Kane Creek Canyon: 

Kane Creek is a fun trail.  The trail itself is about 14 miles of  of desert,
We were following Dee...

Jeff, followed by Duane, makes one of the several creek crossings...

 and switchbacks.
Dee took this picture of our hearty trail warriors.

Each landscape offers a lot of fun, challenges and gorgeous scenery.  My favorite section is the riparian just because we don't see that much water in the desert. The cottonwood trees line the creek for several miles.

This time of year the leaves are just beginning to pop out, but in the fall the colors glow.

Poison Spider:
I can't say enough about Poison Spider.  We first did Poison Spider in June, 2014. What a hoot that was to drive Pearl (our 2013 JK...back then it was on 33" tires).  That year, with Dee's help we climbed the waterfall, did a wedgy, and drove the fins.  Ever since that day, Poison Spider has always been a special trail for me.  Wile E. is a lot of fun on Poison Spider too...we can take a harder line adding to the excitement.  Our first Poison Spider run this year was especially fun since we were with Harold and Tareese (friends from Germany)...

Harold skillfully works his way down The Chute.

and Al and Linda (friends from Washington state).

Al's Samuri flexes its way up The Chute.

Poison Spider is what we call a lollipop trail.  The stick is a combination of rock ledges, a sandy flat canyon, some sandstone slick rock fins and one section known as High Speed Mesa.  The entire trail is non-stop beautiful scenery.
High Speed Mesa

 Lunch was at Little Arch.  You may have spotted this arch from Kane Springs Road.

Looking through Little Arch you can see the Colorado River, Kane Springs Road and the parking lot for Moab Rim.

My favorite part of this trail is the lollipop section with all the ups and downs as you drive along the slick rock fins.

There is mama pig and her piglets...


Cliffhanger is just down right hard core excitement from beginning to end as it curves its way along high rocky cliffs.  Challenges are non-stop and the scenery is, once again, incredible.  This run is what is referred to as a "light" Cliffhanger as we did not do the Cliffhanger obstacle...you remember, the one right on the cliff edge.  We had several vehicles that had never done this trial and wanted a last day of fun before heading home after Easter Jeep Safari.  

Even so, the "light" run is a challenge and keeps us on our toes. 

Claret Cup Cactus blooms...stunning flowers!

There goes Dee!

The "light" run also has an overlook.  The Colorado River and Potash Road...

At the overlook you can see the Poison Spider parking lot and the switchbacks at the beginning of the trail.

Indian paintbrush with its vivid red color sure caught my eye.

There's Joe...the overlook was our lunch spot.

There's Dee...always taking pictures and helping!

 Well, I'll close for now.  There is more to write about but it will have to come later.  So, until next time... 

                                                                     HAPPY TRAILS !


  1. Nice Jeepin! Enjoy your time in Moab.

  2. Ouch Wile E has a ding :( Great final picture with Joe. Glad you enjoyed (and shared!) your trails with us.

  3. Thanks for the travelogue! Loved your photos--we did Poison Spider in the ATV's in 2016.

  4. Good to have you back on those crazy trails! We loved hiking the Poison Spider and following a group of Jeeps as they climbed each obstacle. Be safe out there. We're looking forward more adventures. The Tan Clan looks happy to be back in their private dog park.