Thursday, June 20, 2019

Mule Canyon Hike to House on Fire

Gopher Flats
June 5, 2019
Moab, UT

June 5th was a fun day trip.  Our destination was about 80 miles south of Moab.  We were up early and headed south on Hwy 191.  
A beautiful stretch of Hwy 191

After driving through Monticello and Blanding, we made a right turn onto Hwy 95.  
A new Highway for us to explore.

We kept our eyes open for a dirt road on the right just past mile-marker 102.

After paying a small fee at the kiosk, we drove a quarter of a mile and parked on the side of the road to begin our hike in Mule Canyon.  This hike has been "in the bucket" of things to do for quite awhile and I was thrilled to be there.  I was also thrilled that only one other vehicle had parked at the trailhead.

The pleasant hike into Mule Canyon is well marked and quite pretty this time of year if you like tall canyon walls covered in green foliage, trees and wildflowers.

 The trail follows a creek bed as it meanders through the canyon.  This area is loaded with Anasazi ruins with House on Fire being the most popular.  The ruins in Mule Canyon date back to 700 to 1000 years ago. 

It was a bit surreal walking and talking in the canyon that the Anasazi also lived in going about their daily lives and depending on the plants and animals for survival.  
The yucca plants were plentiful in the canyon.  It's so cool to think that the Anasazi used them daily for many necessities. Since they were such great weavers, they had skills to use the yucca in many ways. Hats, ropes, shoes and clothing were created along with string used to make weapons.  Yucca produces a "banana like fruit" that also provided a great source of fiber.  

 Our destination for the day was House of Fire.  It's a little over a mile from the trailhead.  And our goal was to be there mid-morning to catch the glow from the indirect sunlight that gives the ruins it's name.  We were early, so we waited...

...and waited...

and like magic, the House on Fire !

A big "WOW"!

As with so many of our adventures, our hike through Mule Canyon to House on Fire summons us to other hikes and more ruins there...a goal to check more off the bucket list.

I'll close for now with a few more pictures from the day. 
Nature's art...

My favorite color for prickly pear blooms...

This is not a National Monument or park.  The ruins in Mule Canyon have not been restored nor rebuilt.

The beginning of the trail before it dropped into the wash...

There was a family of crows in an alcove just above House of Fire.  Not a great photo, but mama stayed very busy feeding her two babies.

 So, until next time...



  1. This is such a nice hike. You had lots of very pretty wildflowers along the way. It's interesting how the "fire" really only appears in the camera lenses. Your photos are beautiful. Love that header.

  2. WOW! Does the sunrise illuminate the house during only a short time during the late spring? You captured it beautifully!

  3. Love, love that place! It's amazing to me that the ruins are so intact. Crow moms have to work too hard!

  4. Oh Wow! Definitely on my wish list. Great photos.