Monday, September 23, 2019

Ahhh...The Weather !

Gopher Flats
September, 2019
Moab, UT

It has been so nice the past few days...the triple digits are history !  Wonderful days in the mid 80s and cool nights sure make living easy.  This morning it was a chilly 44 degrees and we had the heater on for a few minutes.    

The puppies have really enjoyed themselves.  
Dover checks out the neighbors flowers everyday...

Sally on one of several windy days...
Jack LOVES to play ball...

Jack had his annual check up, shots and dental cleaning last week.  He had three teeth pulled (common for dachshunds).  Dr. Chipman heard a heart murmur during her check-up.  We were told it is not uncommon in older small dogs.  Research also revealed that Orijens dog food was one of 16 brands of dog food on the FDA list of foods that are linked to canine dilated cardiomyopathy.  Dover and Jack don't eat Origins anymore!  Sally stopped the Orijens some time ago due to reoccurring bladder stones.

This is the perfect time of year for rock crawling.  Cliffhanger is my favorite trail these days.  It is not a long trail, but boy is it packed with excitement.  And oh my, the views are amazing !

Wile E leads Cliffhanger with Dee and Larry 
I got pictures of Dee and Larry on the Cliffhanger obstacle. 

Clouds didn't put a damper on the day and quickly moved on...

leaving us with lots of sunshine.

The club (Moab Friends For Wheelin') run scheduled on the 14th was Kane Creek.  It's another great trail that winds its way through the desert, a riparian, and switchbacks.  It has several sweet obstacles including The Pinch.  

We have also been on Steel Bender a couple of times.  SB needed some paint to mark the trail so yesterday Joe and I went with Dee to do just that.  Joe drove Wile E, I drove Dee's jeep, and Dee had the hard part...she painted ! 

Our good friends and neighbors two houses down from us went to Lake Powell for a week.  Guess what we did...fed the chickens !  We also fed their kitty Bob, but I didn't get a picture of him. 

We brought home fresh eggs everyday !

One evening we went early to  feed the chickens because the skies turned dark, the winds picked up and we didn't want to get caught in the rain.  The chickens were not happy, but we were treated to a rainbow.

You might not like beets, but Joe and I sure do.  We had never cooked fresh beets.  We do now though !  It really is easy in the Instant Pot.  

I made a yummy salad with fresh greens, beets, orange slices, crumbled goat cheese, walnuts, and balsamic vinaigrette.  It was an explosion of yummy tastes !

Life is good !  Until next time, 
View from Gopher Flats

Kane Creek Road along the Colorado River

A shelf road on Steel Bender with Moab Rim in the background

The south entrance to Steel Bender



  1. Nice photo of the articulation Wile E is capable of. Great trail rides, enjoy the eggs and fresh beets.

    1. Thanks Jeff! We love crawling the rocks in WileE...soooo much fun!

  2. I love that salad and I like beets! Fresh eggs I know they are good too!
    For once this summer, we have not experienced triple digits :)
    Wile E C is just having the thrills so is the driver -ML

    1. Your summer travels have been beautiful. Took us to places we will probabally never get to see!

  3. Hmmmm, what are you feeding the dogs now? Lewis is currently eating Orijens so I'm interested in your new choice. I LOVE beets and that salad looks divine! What can I say that you're beautiful pictures don't already say? I love that place.

    1. We have switched to Hills Science...Youthful Vitality. It’s loaded with Omega 3 and for pups 7 + years old. We can order it from Amazon!

  4. Good to see you back on the trail. The darker colored Jeep sure makes for great reflections in the hood. drove Dee's Jeep on one of those trails. Way to go!! I always love seeing each of the puppies. The beet salad with goat cheese and walnuts has become one of our favorite now that I have found cooked, peeled beets at Trader Joe's. I know I am way too lazy when it comes to cooking beets. What a beautiful opening photo at your very special spot. Gorgeous fire pit!

    1. Joe does a great job keeping the hood clean just for those reflections! Our spot here at Gopher Flats is very special...thanks Pam!

  5. Looks heavenly! The pups are so cute :-) You guys sure get all twisted up on those trails!! Great pics.