Thursday, May 21, 2020

Our Version...

LaGrange, GA
May 18, 2020

Remember the movie Caddyshack from way back in 1980?  Ye gads, that was 40 years ago!  Joe and I are starring in our own version of the movie.    Dover, Sally and Jack are co-stars in the not so hilariously funny episodes.  No, we don’t have gophers that have declared war.  Instead, we have the cutest,  little Timber Tigers...better known as eastern chipmunks that are driving us crazy.  Did I mention how cute they are?  

Heads up...

Every morning at breakfast we see them emerging from their burrow to greet the day...first one, then another, and another...each one taking his time and double checking to make sure it is safe before scampering off to the woods, the flower bed, or to eat spilled seeds from the bird feeder.  Did I mention how cute they are?

Heads down...
They are a nuisance eating flower bulbs and roots, digging up the flowers, tormenting the pups, and creating what seems to be miles of underground burrows in the front yard, the back yard and the side yard.   Killing them is not an option for us.

We’ve tried towers of rocks and flagstone over the holes...that doesn’t work.  Our latest attempt is traps with peanut butter to catch them and take them far away to relocate them.  So far, nothing!

For 10 months Joe and I have had no television service.  Televison time at our house is enjoying music that Joe plays from his I Pad thru the tv speakers or a movie from Redbox.  We do keep up with the stock market, the weather, and other current events from reading The Wall Street Journal.   I like to peruse the Life and Arts section in the W S J.  A recent article “Forget the Sourdough” reported that according to Google  banana bread beat out pancakes, brownies, and pizza dough as the number 1 search-for recipe in the U.S. and world wide in the past month.  Growing up, pound cake and banana bread were staples in our home...freshly baked every weekend. 

I haven’t had either in so many years that I couldn’t resist using up some very ripe bananas to make a loaf...always with chopped pecans.  Growing up there was only one way to eat both...a thin piece with slices of “real” butter toasted in the oven until the edges are brown and crispy and served warm.  Joe had never had it toasted.  Of course butter has a way of making anything tase good. but this was breakfast for several days.  Not on the diet and so unhealthy, but oh sooooo good!  

The magnolia trees are in full bloom.  The trees here grow to be 80 feet tall and 40 feet wide, are evergreens and can live more than 100 years.

The white blooms are quite large (up to 12 inches across when open) and fragrant.  I grew up thinking magnolias were a "southern" thing and we can claim Magnolia Grandiflora as native, but reading tells me there are other species in Asia, Central America, South America and South America. 

Magnolias are ancient plants. They have existed on the planet at least 95 million years.  Since they appeared before bees, magnolias slowly changed their flowers to become more attractive to bees.  Instead of nectar, they produce lots of pollen enriched with protein which bees use as food.  

Every week we add more birds to the "first sighting of the year" list.  The feeders and birdbath stay busy as do we to keep them full and clean.  One of this weeks visitors was a pair  Red-bellied Woodpeckers.  

The Mr. and Mrs. look the same and we hope they are here to stay for awhile as they love the suet.  The males have longer, wide-tipped tongues and will visit hummingbird feeders as well, but we haven't seen him drinking any nectar.     

 I'll close for now.  Life is good...hope it is for you as well.



  1. Magnolia blossoms--so beautiful! Yes, those little critters are cute but so destructive--same as the gophers in AZ. We seldom see a chipmunk in Montana. Love banana bread but can't make it too often--we eat it all! :) :) Thanks for checking in!

  2. I love how friend's blogs are evolving.....most of them. Some people just stop, thinking there is nothing to blog about. Some people are starting to show bits of their every day life. In this time of staying home with nothing very exciting to do, I find seeing the little things in friend's life to be soothing. It's almost like being able to stop by for a good old fashioned visit! Thanks.

    1. I totally agree Sue! I too look forward to posts from friends and staying in touch.

  3. The banana bread looks delish, glad you had a chance to enjoy it before the chipmunks found a way to devour it.

  4. Those darn, cute chipmunks! Kevin had a terrible time with voles when he lived in Atlanta. They ate the roots of all the rose bushes and killed all six of them. Hope you can kindly get the chipmunks under control. Love the magnolia trees and their huge blossoms. How sweet that the birds can enjoy a drink and bath. I've toyed with getting a bird bath. The birds occasionally walk around the pool trying to figure out how to get to the water but it is too far.

    1. You should definitely get a bird’s more fun watching the birds at a bath than a feeder. There has been no activity at the traps...I have a feeling we won’t be catching any chipmunks to relocate!

  5. It's just the worst when the nuisances are so dang cute!!! Good luck with a solution. Your magnolias are incredible :-))) I'm slowly getting caught up with blog reading and love seeing what you and Joe have been up to.

  6. Happy Trails. Beautiful photos.