Thursday, August 13, 2020

Casting On

Gopher Flats
Moab, UT
August 13, 2020

The attic in the Georgia house was full...33 years worth of living.  Most everything was either trashed or taken to Goodwill.  We did find a few being at the top of the list.  We packed them up and sent them to Felix (our grandson who just turned 4).  I'm not sure who was most excited, Felix or his dad (our youngest son).

It’s still hot!  Cooking  inside isn’t a good idea this time of year in Moab so Joe has been busy at the grill... 

homemade fresh veggie pizza , fresh asparagus, sweet Olathe corn on the cob  (from Olathe, CO not too far from here), chicken, salmon and bacon burgers just to name a few of the things that have satisfied our taste buds.  We were especially thrilled to find a huge tub of Olathe corn at City Market...5 ears for $1.00. We have bought it on two different stops there.

Three of us have sparkly, clean chompers. Sally was mad at me and refused to look up and smile.

Joe and I also had our pearly whites cleaned.  I always dread teeth cleaning day.  I am always happy when it is done!

So yesterday while running errands, we stopped at Desert Thread. 

It was obvious that upon entering the small store, I wasn’t expecting what I saw.  The colors, the textures, and the hand-made sweaters, scarves, hats and bags were amazingly gorgeous. 

 Many of the yarns in the store are local. And what ever felting is, I really want to learn how.  It sure makes for some beautiful pieces.  

But, first things first...knitting!  My grandma crocheted, my mom knitted, and I enjoyed countless hours in years past doing counted cross stitch. I’ve had a hankering to learn how to knit for the past several months.  I had done some internet research and Kathy, the owner of Desert Thread, agreed with my findings.  She guided me on choices for needles and yarn.  She is so friendly, helpful and passionate about wanting folks like me to be successful.   It will take much practice to get a "rhythm" and "feel" for working the yarn and probably several more stops at Desert Thread for help.  

I spent yesterday afternoon casting on and this morning while Joe was in the dentist chair, I added a second row.
I'm telling myself this is progress !  I have size 8 birch needles and a light color wool blend yarn.  

Practice  makes perfect.  But then I read once that Vince Lombardi said, "Practice does not make perfect.  Only perfect practice makes perfect."  I might in trouble !

I'll close with the prettiest sunset photo of the week...

Until next time...
Photo taken January 2019 in LaJolla, CA



  1. OHHHH--I want to go to that yarn store--gorgeous stuff. I am so excited you are going to learn to knit. The Booga bag I recently made was felted--a friend told me, "it's an easy pattern and because it's felted, no one can see your mistakes." Tell me how you grill pizza on your Q--mine always burns!

    1. Joe turns the grill down to medium low and just keeps an eye on it. Sometimes parts of the pizza are more brown, but not burnt, than Joe likes so those are my
      pieces...I like a crunchy crust.

      If you are ever passing through this way on a trip to/from Montana and Arizona a stop at the yarn shop would be a nice treat for you. Knitting has sure “changed” since the days my mom was making sweaters.

  2. Sally is definitely not a happy camper. Too funny! Good to hear everyone has clean pearly whites. I bet you caught the knitting bug reading Janna's blogs with all her new knitting projects. Sounds like you picked the perfect location to start knitting with a nice yarn shop in town to help. Have fun! Make sure to show us your progress. Lovely sunset.

    1. Sally has spent a fair amount of time at the vets with all her thyroid issues, 3 bladder stone surgeries and just her regular yearly visits...she starts the shivering thing the minute we lift her in the Jeep. Janna has certainly motivated me to peruse this knitting urge I have had. I wish I had all the sweaters my mom knitted when I was growing up.

  3. Glad to see you back blogging. Reading about friend's small pleasures are wonderful in this stressful time!

    1. It is a great way to stay connected. I’m looking forward to seeing photos of your beautiful flowers...

  4. I'm so delighted that all your hard work resulted in a quick sale and got you back to your happy place in the red dirt! You're lucky to have that patch of grass too - Tessa is really missing it here in our desert yard. How fun that the old toys get to play with new kiddos now :-) I love yarn stores with the bold and bright colors. Have fun with your knitting!! Stay safe and keep us posted on your adventures.