Thursday, August 26, 2021

The Parade of Life Goes On...Thank Goodness !

Corona de Tucson

August 26, 2021

Life as Joe and I know it is rather boring these days.  Nothing major going on around here.  Last week was a wash except that I can celebrate having had a colonoscopy that was cancer free.  A relief as my mom and my grandfather (her dad) both had colon cancer.  I am on a five year cycle for the procedure.  This week Joe had the last two (of the five biopsies that came back positive) MOHs surgeries for basal-cell on his temple and the other on his neck.  In-between those two "events" we managed to enjoy early morning walks.  

We haven't had any rain the last couple of weeks and sure miss the temps in the high 80s.  Yesterday it was back to the low 100s and will be that way for the next four days.  

We have two fern stands that belonged to Joe's grandma.  An easy...if that is even possible... project that Joe tackled was to rejuvenate the fern stand that has been in every kitchen (well, not the MH) that we have had.  


The top was sun/water damaged from years (38 of them) of my use and those prior.  In addition to that, one of the boards had gapped.  We think that maybe that was caused from the lack of humidity here.  It wasn't like that when it arrived in Vail last March. 


Ferns and I do not co-exist, but I do have plants on the patio that I can rotate outside and inside.  My life is much easier that way.

I love the small shelf on the fern stand.  Right now, we are enjoying a painting my grandma did on a cheese hoop lid that I have no idea how old it is.  I do remember it in my home for all my "growing up" years.

And it has been in our kitchen as long as the fern stand has, but not always on the little shelf. 


We adopted our sweet Dover in August 2007.  She was guesstimated to be seven months old.  We love her so much.  

The past few weeks, Joe and I have noticed she has become unresponsive to our voice.  We first noticed it when we would call her to come in from outside.  We thought it was a test of wills, but now she doesn't hear us when we are in the same room and close by.  And she doesn't come to the door to greet us anymore when we get home.  

She is such a loving and loyal puppy and lots more hands on attention for her comes easy for both of us.  

The gila woodpeckers have been noisy and active the past week.  I think they think we provide a buffet just for them.


All is good as we continue to march along in this parade of life.  That's about it for news from here and I'll close with a few pictures.

Spinach quiche I made after three days of not eating anything but popsicles, jello and chicken broth !

Any ideas for a good caption for this photo?

Taken as the sun was coming up.

The end of the day...

So until next time enjoy the day and...



  1. How are Joe's guitars holding up with the low humidity? Does he use humidipaks? or has he found a better method?

    1. Hi Hans, he does use humidipaks. He also says he is embarrassed because the guitar has not been out of the case in 6 months and is probabally curled up like a potato chip!

  2. The fern stand looks so good. Its nice to have a part of your families history with you. Both Rocky and Skitz went deaf as they got old. But I sure do miss them. Give your babies a hug for me.

    1. Thank you Sandie. I always loved seeing pictures of Rocky and Skitz. Hugs were delivered! 👍

  3. Joe did a great job restoring the fern stand, looks like new!
    Your spinach quiche looks like a nice reward after your popsicle diet.

  4. Boring is often a good thing! Life goes on whether we're having exciting times or boring times. The trick is to enjoy them all, as I know you do. I love the rusted, climbing jeep sculpture behind your yummy looking quiche! Sorry sweet Dover is losing her hearing, aren't we all!!!

    1. Exciting…boring…I’m happy with either! Joe bought the jeeping kokopelli when we were in Moab last August. I didn’t particularly want it and put it back on the shelf thinking he might not notice. That was the first thing he said at the check-out counter and I had to go get it. It has definitely grown on me! 👍

  5. Glad your health news was good! That quiche looks like a good way to celebrate. The fern stand looks like new and is such a pretty addition to your kitchen corner - good job! Sweet Dory is lucky to have loving parents to care for her as she ages. Houses give us fun projects and engaging local wildlife to enjoy, but I agree the traveling world is more exciting :-))

  6. Glad to hear you and Joe are doing well and made it through the latest medical visits. Sorry to hear about Dover. He, and all the Tan Clan, are so lovable and adorable. You certainly do have a buffet for all the birds. I'm sure they are quite thankful.

    1. Thank you Pam! Joe fills the feeder every other day…nice entertainment for us!

  7. Glad all your medical stuff is finished and all is good. The plant stand refinish job is great! And so sorry to hear about Dover--it's sad when our babies get older.