Wednesday, May 25, 2022

It's Been Almost Three Weeks...

Corona de Tucson

May 25, 2022 

An e-mail this morning from our brother-in-law who lives on the east coast asking if we were all right sparked some motivation for a blog post.  It doesn't seem like almost three weeks have gone by since I last blogged.  Time has a sneaky way of slipping by even when we are not adventurous or especially busy.  Joe always says, "The difference between a rut and a grave is the depth of the hole."  I don't think we are in a rut and we certainly have not dug a grave.  Home just seems like a really good fit for us right is peaceful and quiet, safe, and cozy and comfortable. There really isn't any where else we want to be and no where we want to go right now.  I also have to say that I have been a bit under the weather...a case of Covid interrupted our everyday routine for me.  Yes, I have been vaccinated and boosted.  I assume my symptoms were on the lighter side, but they put me in the bed for a few days with a fever, horrific headache, aches, and a very stuffy nose...much like the symptoms I had with the second vaccination and booster.  Life goes on.  

I love mornings and so does Jack.  We have changed his nickname from Mr. Excitement to Mr. Morning as HIS alarm clock is pretty consistent between 4:55-5:05.  I always enjoy getting up with the pups and going to the back yard...especially when pastel skies greet us at the door.

It has been windy and we haven't had very many days with clouds.  Clouds are beautiful and important.  I miss them when they are not there and enjoy them when they are.

May 11...late afternoon

May 22...early morning

BC (Before Covid), Joe and I knocked out a couple of small projects that were on "the list".  First, Joe built a shelf cabinet for the closet in the third bedroom that we don't use for a bedroom.  Much needed storage for me. With the help of the bestest supervisor ever, I painted the shelves.

Dover is never far away...

Second project was a facade to hide the AC unit.  We built and stained three fence like panels in the garage.  We assembled them outside.

I like the view a lot better !

We still enjoy our early morning walks .

Mornings are spent in the backyard and on the patio.  The birds get fresh oranges, butter bites, and clean water everyday.  We all have our jobs.

Some mornings it is a race between Jack and me as to who can get in the rocker first.  Mostly, Jack wins !

Some visitors come and go...

...others stay awhile...

Two Cactus Wrens

...some seem to get along nicely...

A Cactus Wren and Curved-bill Thrasher

...while others try new things...

Gambles Quail

...some are quite messy...

female Gila Woodpecker

...and others are very neat.

female Cardinal

I posted a photo of a female Gilded Flicker at the end of April and hoped she would send her handsome beau to the Taylor's.

He made his appearance this morning.  And he made my day !   

I'll close for now.  Yes, Chuck, we are all well and life is good at the oasis.  And thank you for caring !  Until next time,



  1. Always a team with your various projects! I have not seen a bird feed that holds the orange slices - sure seems to attract attention.
    Yikes Covid! Glad it passed and all are safe.

    1. Thank you Jeff! The orange feeder also has two cups that hold the butter bites that you can not see in the pics. We found it at Wild Birds Unlimited…the birds do like it!

  2. So sorry to hear you had Covid and ended up in bed. Glad you are now feeling better. That photo of Jack in the rocking chair is precious. What a little sweetheart. Love you painting helper:) We feel the same way about our home "the resort." It's great that we both found our perfect retirement spots. You have quite the group of bird visitors. Great photos!

    1. Thank you Pam. I do feel better, but don’t have a lot of energy which drives me crazy! Jack always makes us laugh. And since Dover doesn’t hear much, she is always near. We sure enjoy watching the birds…it’s the little things!

  3. So sorry to read you've had covid--will it ever go away!! Hope you are totally back to normal soon! A friend of Mike's is currently ill with covid and has almost exactly the same symptoms as you did. As Pam said, you do have lots of cool birds visitors. Our little colorful birds are eating us out of house and home. Enjoying our homes is a good thing at this stage of life--we putter, go for walks, cook. I have a quilt on the longarm, I'm knitting--life is good.

    1. Thank you Janna. I love the buntings you have in your yard. We feed the birds at least once a day and sometimes twice. I enjoy them so much…it is worth the effort and a few dollars. Thank goodness for the large bags of oranges at Costco. I wish I had the patience to knit. I love to cross stitch, but my eyes are not so good anymore which makes it difficult. I
      I love the word putter…we do that too! It’s not a word I hear much anymore. Maybe it’s a southern thing!

  4. Nothing wrong with staying at a home you love. We miss ours already. Luckily, we have a few cameras set up so we can peek in on it when we want. Love all the bird life you have there. We have lots of yellow-shafted flickers, they have a very cool call. If I was down there, my favorite would definitely be the quail.

    1. We are just outside the range for the Northern Flickers and I don’t remember seeing one in our travels north. We do love the quail and laugh out loud at their funny behavior. I guess my favorite here is the Cactus Wren. They are very vocal, acrobatic, busy and sassy.

  5. I love Sally's summer hair do, I almost didn't recognize her! It's nice to just enjoy the comforts of home, be content. Especially when you're feeling bad. I hope you continue to get well and that you're soon back to your normal, sweet self.

    1. Awe…thank you Sue! And Sally says thank you too. She is quite sassy with her new short summer cut!

  6. Lots of activity around and about!! Jack is too precious in the rocker.

    1. Jack rules the roost around here Jodee! He is too funny (and cute).