Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Mornings and Evenings

Corona de Tucson

June 7, 2022

Life as Joe and I know it seems to be rather slow these days.  Mornings are spent walking, feeding birds, watching birds, watering flowers, playing ball with Jack, puttering with this and that, and occasionally getting errands done.  

I was excited the torch cactus had three more blooms.

You can't waste time enjoying them as the blooms only last a day.  

The Hooded Orioles visited for a few days.  

These orioles have expanded northward as more people have planted ornamental palm trees around their homes.  They are sometimes called palm-leaf orioles because they often "sew" their hanging nests onto the underside of palm fronds.  We have a couple of palms in the open area behind our home and I was hopeful.  But, we haven't seen them in a few days.

Sometimes, the butterflies sneak in for a turn at the orange.

The cardinals are at it again this year.  If we aren't on the patio, they help themselves to the succulents.  

The Cactus Wrens continue to be a favorite.  They are big, bold and busy with a harsh rasping voice.  All About Birds described them as sociable, but we see them (more times than not) flying in and staking claim to the oranges, feeders and water.  They usually arrive in pairs to eat and drink. 



Jack spent yesterday morning at the spa with Cynthia.  

Mornings don't get all of our attention.  Evenings are spent soaking up the quiet at the end of the day.  The sound of silence is a good thing and the older we get, the more we appreciate it.  Sometimes, we just look at each other and say, "Do you hear that?"  


That's a wrap on another week gone by.  All is good at the oasis.  Until next time,



  1. We hope both of you are healthy and covid free? I love those slow just "being" days. Enjoy! We are taking off on a little ATV trip and I'm worried my colorful birds will be gone when I return--they seem to get a little annoyed if I'm gone and the feeders are empty, heading to the neighbors who haven't had the audacity to take a trip!!

    1. Happy to post we are both Covid free and healthy…thank you Janna. When we left last summer to go to Moab, I was afraid we wouldn’t have birds when we got home. It took a few weeks, but they returned hungrier than ever…fingers crossed for you.

  2. So great to have not just an oasis, but a bit of paradise in your back yard. I tried setting out orange slices, but only attracted fruit flies :((
    I'll have to enjoy the song birds vicariously.

    1. Thank you Jeff. Flies are no fun…although there are plenty of birds that eat them too. The butter bites might work better.

  3. Those orioles are stunning, and lucky you for getting more than one! We sure aren't seeing the birds in the midwest like we do in Arizona. Sure fun to share yours :-) We love our little Bewicks Wrens who are so sociable they land on Bill's knee to say hello! Beautiful evening skies.

    1. Thank you Jodee. I had to Google the Bewicks Wren…what neat and cute little birds they are. Wrens have been a favorite forever (we enjoyed the Carolina Wrens in our GA backyard).