Saturday, August 13, 2022

Sunset Saturdays

Corona de Tucson

August 13, 2022 

One of our favorite places for meandering is Tucson Botanical Gardens.  In fact we love it so much for the past two years we have purchased yearly memberships. 

We can spend a few minutes or a couple of hours strolling the grounds, enjoying the desert plants and birds, and checking out the new exhibits.  

This past Saturday the TBG hosted the first of four (each Saturday in August) Saturday events they call Sunset Saturdays...a live concert series highlighting a different local Tucson band each week.  Desert Melodies was in the spotlight for the first event featuring songs from the Speak Easy/Swing music era.     

What a treat.  And even though these songs were just a bit before our time, we both smiled at each other as we remembered the lyrics for many of them.   

If that isn't enough, street food...Sonoran dogs and tacos with all the fixings...along with beer, wine, spritzers or water was catered.  

As members, our concert tickets were free (non-members cost is $15 per ticket), but we had to pay for dinner.  

During the break, we checked out a new exhibit, Rooted in Fiber...A Contemporary Fiber Exhibition.   It is presented by Fiber Artists of Southern Arizona (FASA).  The details, colors, textures and techniques used by these artists who are committed to creating and promoting textile and fiber art is beautiful.  Janna I thought of you...
Tropical Flight by Ruth Sharp...$3, amazing piece of art...and yes, it is all textiles and fibers.

I had never seen June bugs before...plenty of cicadas, but not a June bug.  Surprisingly, I didn't find them at all creepy until one landed in my hair.  At that point, I was on high alert.  They are harmless to people and thank goodness my only other encounter was one that landed on my jeans. 

The larva feed underground on grass and tree roots from several months to as long as three years before emerging as an adult June bug.  They are attracted to light and were having a grand time at the concert.

This was the best sunset shot I could get at the gardens.  
Such a fun date night.  

The word hellacious is defined as exceptionally powerful or violent.  Well, coming home from TBG we had a hellacious monsoon lightening storm.  It was totally awesome and totally scary at the same time.  Neither of us had ever witnessed continuous lightening flashes and bolts so strong and coming from all directions all at the same time.  Thank goodness the torrential rains held off until we pulled into our neighborhood. 

Tuesday was the big day to get Joe's stitches  removed.  As it turned out, only the stitches behind ear were removed.  His leg and shoulder needed another week, but the dr said we could resume our early morning walks...YIPPEE!

We were up and out the door Wednesday in time to watch the sun rise.  The mornings continue to be cool with high 60s and a nice breeze.  The neighborhood has sure greened up since we walked a couple of weeks ago.  

We just happened to spot a large yellow bloom along the path.  At first I thought it was a watermelon, but the leaves don't match...maybe some sort of a gourd.

There were a few pops of yellow, blue and white, but purple was the color of the week.

Last week I shared pictures of the Gamble's Quail.  They are still visiting daily.

We even had a large family of babies that were quite small.  After reading last week's post, Joe reminded me of a story.  About 35 years ago on a trip to Hartsville, SC to visit his mom and dad, we went to the local feed store to buy black oil sunflower seeds for his mom.  It was one of those cute little shops...maybe a small version of Tractor Supply in todays world (minus the clothes, shoe, etc.).  While there, we purchased a door bell for our back porch.  It was a real door bell, as there was no electrical wiring for a fancy door bell/chime on our porch.  All of our family and friends came to the back porch when visiting and I had been wanting a bell for some time.  It was a pretty little bell made of bronze with a rather funny looking bird at the top.  We had never seen a bird like that, and didn't bother to take the time to figure out what kind of bird it was.  For all the years that followed, we enjoyed the clang, clang...the perfect announcement that family and friends had come to visit. We simply had to take this bell with us when we sold our Georgia home !
The bell is barely visible in the top left corner of the photo.

It is funny how things come around.  The bird on my sweet little clanger is a Gamble's Quail.  

Today it hangs in the garage by the door of our Arizona home. Just for kicks (and reminders of nice memories), Joe and I clang it often ! 
We had a little excitement in the backyard this week.  Every morning, the pups and I go to the backyard first thing.  The pups have business to do, while I check to see if the sky is picture worthy.  It was...
5:46 AM

This morning, I was excited for Joe and I to get started on our morning walk and was hurrying the pups to go back inside. Dover and Jack are usually under my feet, but Sally has a way of moving at her pace...and it is never hurrying.  When I reached the patio door, I turned around and saw a coyote...not from a far, but right at the fence...YIKES !...and just seconds earlier, I had been standing right there. I was glad Dover and Jack were inside and Sally was about three-fourths of the way to the patio.  The coyote wasn't bothered at all by my efforts to get Sally, grab my camera and take this picture.

This must have been the week for reminders to keep a watchful eye out for the pups (especially Jack who weighs 11 pounds) as a pair of Coopers Hawks sat in the tree for awhile watching one afternoon.  

Beautiful Arizona skies, awesome monsoon storms, nice temperatures, and resuming early morning walks sure made this week one to enjoy.  Hope your week was happy too !   

Evening shades of blue...  August 10 @7:09 PM 

A storm brewing and lightening... August 7 @ 7:22 PM 

68 degrees as we headed home...August 11 @ 6:15 AM

Until next time...

Happy Trails !


  1. Sounds like a great week to me. We've had unbelievable lightning up here too. Finally had a good rain yesterday. I usually see lots of quail but not so much this summer. Not sure why. We were always on guard with our doxies. We have coyotes, hawks and an owl who always seemed hungry. But that's a neat picture of the coyite.

    1. Thank you Sandie. The lightening has been very strong this year. One night Joe and I literally jumped off the sofa from a pop of lightening that sounded like it was in the backyard…pretty scary! Maybe the lack of Quail is because of the lack of water as I have read that before. Our little Jack is a wire-haired doxie as well and we keep a close eye on him. The coyote was so quiet…a great job of sneaking up on me!

  2. Glad to hear you are both putting on those hiking boots again. There should be a docent at Botanical Gardens to help identify your gourd. It looks a lot like the Coyote Gourds in our local canyons.
    We'll be in Ohio for a few more weeks, as I type there is a gentle rainfall on the roof of the RV, wish I could take it home!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion time we go, I will take the photo. I looked up the coyote gourd and there are similarities. There is nothing quite so relaxing as the sound of a light rain on an RV roof…enjoy!

  3. Looks like a lovely week! How fun to enjoy music and a meal at the gardens that you already visit as members. Your coyote looks quite ominous with those eyes!! Beautiful pics of your skies - especially the 7:22 pm catch.

    1. Thank you Jodee. I do love to sit & watch the storms go by. And it’s always fun to try to catch the lightening. That coyote was very sneaky and I’m so glad Sally didn’t turn around to see it…I’m not sure what would have happened as Sally is quite protective of her space.

  4. It sounds like your Garden membership is well worth the price, the concerts and dinners sound perfect. I love your quiet backyard moments. I wonder what that Coyote was hoping for......

    1. The yearly membership is only $60 a year for a couple…a great bargain, but we do make additional donations throughout the year as well. Joe has repaired and painted my rocker (about 30 years old) so many times thru the years…it is a great source of enjoyment Sue. About the coyote…it was his breakfast time or maybe he was just curious. I do think it was one of the pups we saw playing a few weeks ago.

  5. You are right--that was a lovely date night--well except for the June bug! We've never been to the botanical gardens in Tucson--will have to visit! The coyotes were howling at our house yesterday morning, Emmi was inside!

    1. I think you would enjoy the gardens Janna and winter months are a good time to visit. We often hear the coyotes howling in the wee hours of the morning…it can be quite startling.