Sunday, November 26, 2023

Tucson Museum of Art Artisans Market and A Very Nice Thanksgiving

Corona de Tucson

November 26, 2023

Last weekend Tucson Museum of Art (TMA)  hosted their 33rd Annual Holiday Artisans Market and Street annual launch into the holiday season in downtown Tucson.  

I love going to the city and don't really need a reason to go, but when almost 150 unique and local artisans with crafts, original artwork, pottery, glass, textiles, etc are also there, meandering thru the historic block takes on a whole new creative,  colorful and fun meaning. 

We enjoy watching artisans at work.


Back at the oasis, our week flew by with a few afternoon walks, cleaning, planning Thanksgiving dinner and grocery shopping.  

Such a beautiful blue sky!

Jamie and Andra came late Wednesday afternoon for Thanksgiving.  It was so nice having family around with lots of laughs.  Thanksgiving Day began with a colorful glow.

The morning was busy.  Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the National Dog Show are traditions!   

It's a little different in Tucson as the parade is on and marching bands (my favorite) 

Jamie smoked a turkey breast...

and pruned our trees.

And Andra learned how to tie knots.

We ate and ate again.  Joe and Jamie put up the tree and we all decorated it.  

We added a new westernie ornament this year.  It's our third one since living in Arizona.

We met the potter at the artisan market.

Friday we played corn hole.  The girls are holding their's still a tie at 2 wins each.  

We enjoyed left overs... watched the sun set...

and Jamie added some Christmas cheer to the front porch pots.  

We called it a day admiring some pretty interesting clouds.  

I only captured a few birds this week.

The always busy Cactus Wren

A sweet little female Ladder-backed Woodpecker

The noisy male Gila Woodpecker

The stylish male Northern Cardinal

We love having Ozzie visit...

and he always brings Jamie and Andra...

 Sally crashed !

Saturday morning we headed out for a little adventure...more on that next time!

Until next time, 

Happy Trails !


  1. It is wonderful that Jamie, Andra and Ozzie enjoy being with you guys so much! Love your holiday light and tree.

    1. Good morning Janna…thank you! I love Christmas! And like you posted, I want time to enjoy it all because once Christmas is over, it all gets packed back up. Yes, we are so very thankful to have them so close and thankful when family from the east want to come visit.

  2. Your holiday looked sweet and having help decorating is extra nice! I love the colors you captured at the market - they're so Arizona!

    1. Good morning Sue…and thank you! Poor Jamie got more than a couple of pokes from the agave plants on the front porch…I really appreciated him for volunteering to do those lights. One of these days I am going to acquire one of those glass yard art pieces…they sure catch my eye and are so pretty!

  3. Your Arizona ornament is totally perfect! The tree looks great, nice to have all the help getting the decorations up. A neighbor decorated their agave by placing the wiffle balls used in pickleball on the leaves.

    1. Good morning Jeff…thank you! That’s a great idea about the wiffle balls. Joe and I appreciate all the help we can get…👍😉. Decorating is way more fun with family and friends!

  4. What a wonderful holiday week you all had! I love all the pictures, and miss you all so very much!

    1. We were all wishing you, Bill and Henry were here too! We miss you all and love you!