Saturday, December 16, 2023

Winter Street Fair and Lights Up!

Corona de Tucson

December 16, 2023 

What a wonderful way to start the week!

This past weekend was the annual Fourth Avenue Winter Street Fair.  It was our third winter street fair and the biggest one yet...we walked 2 miles.  The fair offers a little something for entertainment, food venders (40 +), original hand-made art (350+ artists from around the world), and 4th street shopping and dining.  We met Jamie and Andra on Saturday for a delightful time meandering what is affectionately known to locals as "Fourth".   

The soul of the street fair is definitely a sensory experience...

the smells...


the sounds...

Matthew Machu Didgeridoos...beautiful sounds from these wind instruments.

the colors...

Framed arrangements made form dried flowers...very pretty and very tempting.

the textures...

Wheat weaving by artist Rocky Rothschiller form Pearce, AZ.  

and the yummy...

BOCA was our lunch choice...started with a salsa (made in house) flight with fried to order chips. 

I ordered a Mole De Pollo taco and my favorite...Elote (corn)...traditional grilled Mexican elote with cream, cotija cheese, and powered chipotle.  

We met wonderful people from far away and close by like Inka Gold...two brothers from Ecuador.  One is a guitarist and the other a flutist.  We bought a couple of their with beautiful Christmas music.  We also met Rocky Rothschiller, whose art is wheat weaving,  from Pearce, AZ.  He knows Janna and Michael.  I first learned about wheat weaving from a blog Janna did a while back when she shared a piece of his art that she has.  

Wheat is a symbol of goodness and wheat weaving has been practiced for centuries.  This artist uses the finest variety of black bearded wheat grown for ornamental use in Arizona. 

Late Thursday afternoon Joe and I headed to the city.  It was date night!   

Pearl's shadow... 

November 24th - January 7th

Tucson Botanical Gardens has a "New (to them) Holiday Tradition"...Lights Up! A Festival of Illumination.  It is no secret that the gardens is a favorite place and what a magical night we had perusing the walkways, enjoying the music, and sipping hot chocolate.  


We arrived just after 5:30 pm (to make sure we had a parking spot). The event opens at 6:00.   

It was difficult to capture photos of the beauty, peacefulness, and the "Wow" moments.  In some sections of the walk, the lights matched the mood and rhythm of the Christmas music by changing color and pulsating to the beat.

 This tree had eight different colors of was hard to pick a favorite.

Imagine white, yellow, green, blue, red, turquoise, multi and purple.

The stars...all shapes and sizes were everywhere... 

the arbors...

the luminaries...

the garden gates...

the trees...

Our favorite tree was decorated with bird houses.

the colors...

and so many lights made for a most enchanting walk. 

It was mesmerizing...

so beautiful...

so peaceful...

and so festive.  It was a perfect evening.  The weather was just cool enough to enjoy hot chocolate topped with thick cream and cinnamon and going on a week night meant it was not very crowded.  

Back at the oasis, nothing has changed.  We walked. 

Sally walked.

She has discovered a new obstacle course and insists on waking thru the mailbox posts.

Two different mornings this week Sally and I have heard and seen a pair of owls at the top of the pine tree.  That's exciting !

I also spotted a Kestrel in the pine tree. The American Kestrel is the smallest falcon and lives in most areas of the United States, but the great majority spend the winter in the southern U.S.   

The Gambles Quail usually feed on the ground, but lately we have been noticing lots more of them on the feeder.  

And this sweet little Misses still visits...and still no Mister.  

It's been a nice week...

Until next time, Merry Christmas and 



  1. I can see a wander down 'The Forth' would make for an interesting day, and Lights Up would make for a fabulous evening. And walking Sally is getting to be more fun.
    Enjoy your owls, kestrel and the rest of the flock at your oasis.

    1. Hi Jeff…it was a fun week! Sally is adjusting to just the three of us and entertaining herself as best she can. She is a funny puppy! The lights at the gardens were totally awesome and very Christmasy!

  2. The lights are beautiful. A perfect way to spend date night. We have a couple of big owls hanging around our park, so everyone with little doggies are keeping out a close eye.

    1. Hi Sandie…I love the owls and am so happy to have them stop by whenever they wish. The two that visit sometimes carry on the most interesting conversation…hoots and screeches…back and forth. They are so fast and so quiet…

  3. What an entertaining blog--the Fourth Ave. is a must do for us--I am going to put it on the calendar for next year! I see you came home with one of Rocky's wheat weavings! The Botanical Gardens with all the lights look amazing--I wish we didn't live so far from Tucson--that freeway is just something we don't like to do at night! Maybe we should have a date night that includes staying in town for the night! Sweet Sally--does she like to sit in your lap? Have a great week you two--we must get together soon!

    1. Good morning Janna. I love our new wheat weaving and it was so nice meeting Rocky. Please know you have an open invite to stay with us anytime you want to come for an evening event in Tucson. I think you would enjoy the lights at the gardens. There will be a spring street fair on 4th Ave the end of March…just in case you will still be in AZ. Sally is not a lap or cuddly puppy. Not sure if it’s because Dover and Jack always claimed those spots or if it’s just her nature to be that way. We have no idea about her life (2 + years) before we rescued her. We often lift her up on the sofa to sit with us, but she will not stay. She does insist on sleeping at the foot of our bed every night which we love. Yes, we must get together soon…

  4. It is a wonderful life! I would have liked to wander down Fourth as well. My favorite thing in your blog was the wheat weaving. Taking something so simple and making something so beautiful out of it. Very cool!

    1. Good morning Jim…the wheat weavings are so pretty and it was so nice to meet Rocky. Very cool indeed!

  5. As much as I love being out in "the wilds" of Tombstone, I do envy your proximity to all Tucson has to offer. Love the wheat weaving, such incredible detail. The gardens lights are beautiful, thanks for sharing!! Certainly the mailbox stands are built that way for Sally's entertainment, why else?

    1. Hi Jodee…you made me laugh! Of course the mailbox posts are there for Sally…just the right width for her to squeeze thru and just the right distance apart to make walking fun! Everytime we go somewhere Joe always asks, “how far is it?”. I always say, “26-28 miles.” It’s just far enough to be out of the city and so very quiet and just close enough to enjoy going there. I didn’t grow up in or near a big city so I am enjoying it all! The wheat weaving is beautiful…

  6. What I loved about this post - your candy-striped Christmas mug by the fire, your sensory tour of the street fair, your food choice (elote, oh my, elote), sweet, silly Sally's stroll and the interesting wheat weaving!
    You found an absolutely perfect place for a date night. Lovely to wander along, and enjoy the lights and the little holiday vignettes, not to mention sip hot chocolate!

    1. Hi Sue…thank you! Like you and Dave, Joe and I are so fortunate to be enjoying the time and space we are in these days. I could eat the elote at BOCA every week and not get tired of it…so yummy! Sally is often called “silly Sally” around our house and can be so funny at times. I was excited to walk by Rocky’s exhibit and see the wheat weaving. We are enjoying it! I hadn’t had hot chocolate in years until the other night…such a fun Christmas thing to do.

  7. Your photos seriously take my breath away! What a magical week you both had. I'm so happy you enjoyed the fun street fair and the beautiful garden. I love you both so much!

    1. It was a nice week indeed…thank you Jill! We love you three too!

  8. What a terrific date night. The lights are spectacular. I do enjoy the holiday lights. The town of Boulder City really gets into decorating their homes. Love the wheat art choice you made. Beautiful. Nice to see Sally out for a stroll. Such a cutie. Merry Christmas!

    1. Merry Christmas Pam and John. Sally meets us at the door when we return from our walk and insists she needs one too…and we are always happy to take her.