Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Busy Doing Nothing !

Corona de Tucson

June 11, 2024 

The gorgeous morning glow and golden grass...

I didn't get a post written over the weekend.  Joe and I were busy...busy doing absolutely nothing !  It seems like we always have somewhere to go...and three of those "always have somewhere to go" days were on the calendar last week with another one on yesterday (Monday)...an appointment for me at the GP, a vet appointment for Sally, an ophthalmologist appointment for Joe and yesterday a dentist appointment for both of us to have our teeth cleaned.  I'm good to go, Sally hid from the vet tech, Joe's eye hasn't completely healed, and our teeth are shiny white.

Sally is not a fan of these monthly visits for shots, but they have helped.  After a couple of droopy days and no appetite, she once again hippy-hops around the house...especially when it's time to eat.     

She is hiding from the vet tech! 

Dr McColgin's exam didn't exactly give us great news about Joe's right eye.  It still has a small crevice where his cornea has not completely healed.  He is still on antibiotic drops (4 times a day) and she added an antibiotic capsule he takes twice a day.  She plugged the upper and lower tear ducts in his eye so his tears will not drain and put in another contact lens.  We go back on the 18th for a re-check.  Did you know that your tears have an enzyme called lysozyme that helps prevent infections in your eye?  It has antibacterial properties and is a component of the immune system.   

Appointments are not all bad ! I love how Pearl (our jeep) knows the way to fun and yummy things to eat...

Lunch after the eye doctor...

It's a brownie Pizookie at BJ's after the dentist...

Back at the oasis, we did manage three morning early walks.  

We have crossed paths with baby Gamble's Quail on our walks, but haven't seen any in our yard to photograph.  We haven't seen any baby Cardinals either.  The grown-ups visit frequently for water and usually leave with a morsel or two.  

And the baby Cactus Wrens are now teenagers.

We love visitors...especially during patio coffee time.

One thing we do enjoy during the summer is the yard.  While the coffee perks, Joe and I feed the birds and water flowers.  The mornings are so nice and it's our time for cooler temps, fresh air and sunshine.

The Torch Cactus we have had a couple of years just keeps on blooming.  It is so pretty.  I took these photos (and all the pictures of the blooms) this morning. 

I have for as long as I can remember loved zinnias.  I could never grow zinnias in Georgia.  I never figured out why...maybe too much rain or humidity or the dirt wasn't right.  I was surprised to find zinnias at Chivano Nursery a few weeks ago and could not resist.  I chose pots instead of a bed in the yard.  

 Sue had beautiful beds of zinnias at their lake house and every summer when she posted photos, they made me smile.  My fingers are crossed and Sue if you have any secrets for keeping them healthy and blooming, I need to know. They are such happy colors ! 

I love mixing yellow with any color, but I do think pairing it with purple is especially pretty.  I mixed Desert Marigolds and Phlox together in a pot and so far, so good.  

The Pincushion is full of flowers.

 And I can always depend on begonias for lots of color !

A photo of photos...my computer bouquet !

Sally's agenda includes a morning walk.  It is the highlight of the day for her and for us !  

And thats a wrap for us.  It's hot here.  Not the same kind of hot as in Georgia with all the humidity so I am not complaining.  Just thankful to have a few hours in the early morning and late afternoon and so happy to be here!  

Until next time,



  1. I'm sure we were all optimistically expecting Joe to have a perfect report card, but good to hear he is being well cared for and vision is improving.
    You treated your nice shiny white teeth to a brownie Pizookie! Looks delish!
    The desert saguaros have a beautiful, but your torch cactus ... Really beautiful! The oasis is looking really comfy and well cared for.

    1. Good morning Jeff…thank you! Our tiny oasis brings lots of joy and I we love the color! That Pizookie was a real treat…the brownie was warm with lots of pecans! Fingers crossed for Joe’s eye to heal…he hasn’t accepted defeat yet!

  2. I like "busy doing nothing" days! We sure hope Joe's eye improves!! I think a dessert such as the Pizookie is a fine reward for getting your teeth cleaned! Your flowers are lovely!! We are off to Billings this morning for Mike's mohs procedure.

    1. Good morning Janna…thank you! The zinnias are an experiment as I no luck growing them in GA. If these survive the summer, I will be so happy! Doing nothing days/weekends are necessary… my brain and body just need to rest sometimes! Hope Michael’s MOHs surgery goes well today! We will meet you and Michael next winter and all have Pizookies!

  3. Medical appts are the reality for those of us of a certain age, and a blessing that we have access to what we need. Glad Joe's eye dr is on top of his care and hopefully the news will be better next time. I love that pic of the Saguaro, it has such character! I love having deer as neighbors, but I do miss being able to have flowers - so I'm grateful that you're sharing yours!!

    1. Hi Jodee…thank you! You are so right as Joe and I are very thankful to be able to go to the doctor and to have doctors we trust. We don’t take that for granted! We pass by that old saguaro most morning on our walk. It stands on the corner so tall and proud and I have photographed it many times. My fingers are crossed on these flowers…only had the begonias the past couple of summers so the others are experiments!

  4. Oh, I miss those zinnia blooms Gay! Thanks so much for showing them to me, maybe I'll try some in the fall when we get back - will they still be around then? (I get these desert seasons all mixed up - what grows when, etc.) The only problem I had with them was occasional mold on the leaves when they were too close together, but I think it was because of the humidity right next to the lake.
    Good things take time, I look forward to the blog post where you tell us Joe's eye is all better! The last picture of Sally in whatlooks like yellow Lantana gave me pause.....do you know that all parts of it are poisonous? I had lots of it around the palm in back that I tore out before Taos arrived......FYI

    1. Hi Sue…and thank you! I always looked forward to summer photos of your zinnias. I am still trying to figure out flowers and seasons here as well and was so happy to see so many different flowers at Civano. At least we don’t have to worry about mold here and if (and I hope when) we have one of those heavy downpours in the forecast Joe can put them under the patio. That’s one of the nice things about pots! I just knew I would be writing a good report in this blog. That eye has been an issue since 2017. And a great big hug to you for possibly saving sweet little Sally…I had no idea about the lantana.

  5. You certainly have a magical touch with your flowers. Beautiful! Love the Torch cactus flowers. Fingers crossed Joe's eye continues to heal and his vision improves. Glad to read all the other appointments went well. Sally is such a sweetheart.

    1. Hi Pam…Sally is a sweetheart. She is mostly blind and deaf and co fused a lot these days, but she is 18 years old. We cherished each day with her. The torch cactus has bloomed several times this year…each time with 6 to 8 blooms at once. What a nice surprise it has been! Fingers crossed on the zinnias!