Monday, March 5, 2012

Joe and I arrived at Pine Mountain RVC Outdoor Resort in Pine Mountain, GA on March 1st with our four canine dependents. We didn't leave PCB until almost 2:00 as we had not planned to leave until Sunday the 4th. Anyway, that's another was nearly 9:00 when we pulled in to the campground and completely dark. Just as Joe had gone out to unhitch the car (we had been told we had a back-in) and get our papers off the door, Mr. Andrews came knocking. He is the resident manager here and so nice. He told Joe not to worry about the car, he would lead us to a pull-through and make arrangements for us to have a permanent pull-through for our stay here. The next morning, we checked in and yes, we have a very nice pull-through with a huge front yard. Wrecks and Jack love it!

Friday night was stormy. The weather called for strong winds and rain....they were right! Thank goodness we didn't have any tornadoes. The park had a plan just in case. We stayed in most of the day Saturday as it was rainy, windy, and chilly! It was so good to see the sun shining when we got up Sunday. The puppies were glad. There is a nice bark park here for us to play ball and let them off leash.

Well, today is Monday....more later!

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  1. Looks like a huge lot. And you certainly don't have much company around you. Enjoy, relax for the next month.