Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pine Mountain RVC Outdoors

Well.....our time at the Pine Mountain RVC Outdoors is almost over. March has flown by!

Pine Mountain RVC has been a great place to call home for the past month. It is clean, huge and we came at just the right time of year. We didn't even have any next door neighbors until last week. The staff has been so nice and helpful and the sunsets have been very pretty. There is a lake across the street and the Canadian geese have been so funny to watch. A few of them ventured over for a walk on our side of the road. Joe had to shooo them away because Wrecks kept barking at them. We haven't seen any in a few days, so I guess they have all headed north.

The first week we were here we had alot of appointments. I am happy to report we are healthy and have nice, clean teeth. We also drove our home 2 times to Newnan, GA which is about 40 miles away to have the generator worked on. It is fixed and we are good to go!

Friends from Kingston, Ontario stopped by March 19 - 23. We had alot of laughs and enjoyed showing them LaGrange. Joe did some really good cooking on the grill! Also, friends who live in LaGrange have been out to see us a couple of times and invited us to their home as well.

Joe and I did get to spend time with family as well. It was great to see everyone and we enjoyed their company. Joshua had a birthday party ( he was 2 years old)  and Alice out did herself. Then, they all came to visit here and we played at the playground, grilled burgers and guess who won at Spoons.......ME! First time ever. Jamie stopped by as well to catch up on our news and visit for awhile.

In between appointments and visits, we have found time to play ball with the boy pups and take walks. I sure hope we can continue the walking in the weeks to come....we both feel better when we do.

Joe is washing our home and we will finish packing up tomorrow. We are headed for Baton Rouge on April 3rd.

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  1. Sounds like a busy month. Scott and I are going to get our doctor and dentist visits in while we are in Huntsville in May and June.

    Did I ever send you our schedule for this summer?