Friday, July 6, 2012

Bah Hahbah

July 3...Joe and I rode the Harley to Bar Harbor. What a great time. The ride over from Ellsworth, about 30 miles, was a pretty ride. I enjoyed all the cottages and lobster pounds along the way.

We had fresh bay caught haddock for lunch at a waterfront restaurant. Quite tasty! We enjoyed watching the boats and the people and the weather was perfect!

The store fronts are so pretty and inviting...

...and of course we are drawn to the pet boutiques!

July 4...Joe and I went to the Seafood Festival and local arts/crafts fair. We went because I wanted fresh strawberry shortcake. Boy was I in for a treat. It was fresh strawberries on shortbread...not like we have in Georgia...but real shortbread and lots of thick whip cream! I could have eatten at least 2 bowls, but we got there just in time to get the last of the servings.....I know why it went so fast!

Joe has always liked scrimshaw so he was quite pleased to meet a scrimshaw artist. Mr. Cambridge owns a shop in Bar Harbor that somehow we missed the day before. Joe had a nice visit with the owner and his son who is also very talented. In fact, it was the son's (his name is Tucker) art on display at the fair. Joe bought a couple of pieces. One of them was a pendant of the Bass Harbor Head Light.

I like pottery so I bought a piece from Lisbeth Faulkner. We both like her work and she was also interesting to visit with. She spends her winters on a boat in the Bahamas! Anyway, her gallery is Seal Cove Pottery and Gallery located in Seal Cove. Check out her web and I enjoy visiting with the local artists.

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  1. Sounds like you're having a great usual.

    Drive safe.