Friday, July 13, 2012

Harding's Point Campground

We took a ferry ride across the Saint John River to get to the campground. The ferry runs 24/7.
Our home in Saint John, New Brunswick at Harding's Point Campground.
The stream flowing down the hill...just a short walk from our site.

The water in the stream was cold to me, but
Dover loved it...

...and so did Sally!
We loved the view from our coach...

...and on our walks!

We saw a pretty rainbow just after a quick rain...

...and then there were two! What a sight.

Can you believe it? The boys played ball everyday.


  1. Water looks deep for Sally !!! ha ha...Wreckx looks like a lab in that shot, looks like my dear Maggie.

  2. It looked like we have the same site #12! Except for going to the store for internet access, we did like it here.