Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Creek, A Canyon and An Arch

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
June 20 & 21, 2014

Friends, Ronnie and Carol, pulled into Portal RV Resort last Wednesday (June 18th). They were looking forward to taking their Jeep...which they named Jade...on some trails. Ronnie has never been off-road in Jade. I think they are hooked! With Dee's advise, we planned three rides ranging from really easy, to easy, and moderate.

Three days...three trails...three destinations.

Our first day was about a 32 mile loop with a variety of scenery, fun creek crossings, and twisty shelf trails to the LaSal Mountains.

I just cant help myself...while Joe and Ronnie aired down, I was snapping pictures.
Below is the best photo to show three rock formations in the Castle Valley area.
Left to right...Castleton Tower, The Castle, and The Priest and Nuns

If crossing creeks tickles your tummy, this trail is for you! There are 22 crossings thru Onion Creek.

If you think colorful rocks are the "bomb", this trail is for you. There is nothing quite like a mix of red and turquoise. 



If you like twisty shelf roads and wide-open views, this is a mouth dropper.

 If you want to practice tire placement on small rock ledges, this is a great place to become "one" with your jeep.

If a cool breeze on a hot day puts a smile on your face, you're going to love this.

If you just need to hug a tree, you will find lots of them.

And if the great outdoors makes your heart swell with joy like it does mine, I hope you enjoy.

Day two was also a loop with one side trip. We took Potash Road (Hwy 279) to the Shafer Switchbacks which took us to Hwy313. We made a right turn onto 313 and then a right turn into Dead Horse State Park. After 1.6 miles we took a wide dirt road to the left...Long Canyon Trail.

We stopped to air down at the boat ramp where the pavement ends on Potash Road. No pictures here...we were attacked by these colossal mosquitos. They were so big we could actually count the black and white stripes they were proudly parading!

Pearl and Jade
Our first stop of the day was to view Thelma and Louise Point on Potash Road.

Walking out to the point...

...and looking down!

And there is that male posturing again...

Somewhere on Potash Road we entered Canyonlands NP.

At the end of Potash Road, we turned left for a side trip to Musselman Arch...

Ronnie, Carol & Cooper
I really needed a wide-angle lens to photograph Musselman Arch. It is 5 feet thick, 6 feet wide, and 187 feet long. Technically it is a bridge and was once know as "Little Bridge". The name was changed to honor a resident well-known for exploring the region.
We did walk all the way across!

Getting to the arch is a hoot on a not so wide shelf road

with the Colorado River below.
Next up, the Shafer Switchbacks. Up and around, up and around...don't know how many times.

 From there it was Long know for Pucker Pass and Giant Fallen Rock. You know you are on the right trail if you are heading straight for the LaSal Mountains. After about 3 miles, the trail changes from this...

to this...Pucker Pass.

Jade exiting Pucker Pass...

...and coming thru Giant Fallen Rock. We were pleased to hear Ronnie and Carol both agreed they had a great day. Ronnie had a good work out on the 4-wheel drive, especially coming down Long Canyon which is why we went that way.

Jug Handle Arch

Our day ended at Jug Handle Arch right back on Potash Road.
A quick update on Sally...I forgot in my last post. She is doing great. Her incision is healing nicely and her stitches can come out next Monday. Her energy level has increased...we actually have a playful Sally. Her new food which is a dissolution formula and the thyroid medicine seem to be agreeing with her. Thank you to everyone for the kind comments for her speedy recovery.
So until next time, take care and
 happy trails!

Up next...Dellenbaugh Tunnel and where is Belle?


  1. While I enjoy your pictures of the beautiful scenery, I'm not sure I'd enjoy the ride.

    1. You have had a lot of practice traversing the gravel roads just doing your volunteer many of the trails are are much like that Judy. It's just so pretty!

  2. Glad the little munchkin is doing fine. I'm sure she must feel like a million bucks now !!!

    1. We are very thankful Ruth! Thanks for checking on her....

  3. Oh Gay, I'm missing out. It sounds like you're having a wonderful time but our internet is so poor here, I can't bring up your pics. Hopefully this comment posts. I'll catch up with you later. Have fun!

    1. It's such a bother when the internet is slow...isn't it Gayle?

  4. I am out of breath reading and riding with you, Gay Fantastic ride and scenery! I have a feeling you want us to get there soon and not later with all your great pictures. Drooling too.

    1. Ummm...busted! Maybe just alittle bit MonaLiza.

  5. Great pictures but not one I'd want to take. I'd be afraid of turning that Jeep over or not be able to get back.

    1. Good morning's really so much fun and safe. We never go out alone so if we were do have an issue, we could help each other.

  6. Too much all are just having too much fun! Glad the little one is doing well. --Dave (

    1. Hi Dave...You know, the changes in Sally were so slow and over such a long period of time, we didn't realize her lack of energy. She is like a different puppy and to be 71/2 years old! We are so thankful!

  7. Again more awesome pictures on a very fun ride you had.

    1. Hello George and Suzie....thank you. It's a grand life, isn't it?

  8. I sure hope that Pucker Pass is one way! Great shots of an incredible place...thanks for taking us there!

    1. Thank you Lisa. Actually Pucker Pass is two far so good. We've never met any on coming jeeps. We go really slow!

  9. I know I am a little backwards on your posts. I wanted to read this one when we got WiFi. I have to use the phone at our gorgeous site. (Guess we can't our "landlords" to provide everything for free...haha). I love that second day ride. We did that one which was a fun easy Jeep ride but with breathtaking views. Good Jeep ride for your friends but Pearl must have been sputtering for more challenge, for sure:) Thanks for this wonderful memory:)

    Glad to hear Sally is doing much better, She must feel great being able to have fun again:)