Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dellenbaugh Tunnel

Moab, Ut
June 23, 2014

Tombstone Rock
Our last trail ride in Moab was a new trail for Joe and I. It was the Secret Spire, Dellenbaugh Tunnel Trail.

It's rated about half way down the moderate list in the Guide to Moab, UT Backroads and 4-Wheel Drive Trails by Charles A. Wells.

As you head west on Spring Canyon Road, massive Tombstone Rock is the focal point.

Taking a left turn at  Tombstone, the trail almost immediately becomes slickrock. There are several slickrock areas to traverse which give this trail it's rating.

This turned out to be a great last day of trails with Ronnie and Carol as our other 2 adventures didn't have any slickrock.

After some strategizing, we were on our way!

First Pearl...

then Jade...
Dee heading our way in Blanche.
We had several fun "up and over" on the rocks when Dee called. Her club (Friends 4 Wheelin') keep a portion of Hwy 191 clean as part of the Adopt A Highway Program. She was done and wanted to join us.

Dee knows these trail like the back of her hand...what a nice treat for us to follow!

And thank goodness for CB radios. Dee can give precise directions from her seat in Blanche on where to place tires.

Blanche and Jade
Our first stop was to see a place where water runs along rocks and flows over the cliff into the canyon. The rocks are smooth as glass. I bet it is beautiful when its raining.

This is where the water flows into Spring Canyon...its a long way down!

 Our next stop was the parking area to hike down to the Dellenbaugh Tunnel.

Dellenbaugh is described as am "oddity in nature". It is a tunnel thru the sandstone. Way cool!


The picture doesn't show how dark the tunnel really is. If I had taken the time to think about it, I probably would have had the "hibbie jibbies".

...Ronnie, Carol and Joe

When we exited the tunnel and turned the corner, we were at the cliff edge. What a nice view for lunch.

We did echoes, listened to the ravens fuss, and someone in the group who likes living on the edge was very brave to swing their feet over the cliff.

By this time, it was pretty hot so we skipped the Secret Spire part of the trail and headed home. Next time for sure...

We enjoyed the ride home...the sky was gorgeous. Blue with white fluffy clouds that made pretty shadows and rain over the LaSal Mountains way off in the distance.

Merrimack and the Monitor

If you look very closely on the left side, you can see the Windows Arches in Arches NP.

Last Tuesday (6/24), we left Moab for a very long travel day to Colorado Springs...about 420 miles.
Colorful Colorado sure is green!

We went thru several tunnels...

I-70 is almost a double decker road in some places...

We made a stop to stretch and walk the Tan Clan at Wilkerson Pass...

and we weren't the only ones that needed a stretch and some fresh air.


We are all settled in at Garden of the Gods RVC Outdoor Destinations. Ronnie and Carol are at home right next let the fun and exploring begin! We have never been to Colorado Springs...

Happy trails!


  1. From the desert to the mountains, much cooler and very green.
    Enjoy your new destination and have too much fun there.

    1. Perfect temps so far George...I actually like the afternoon thunderstorms and winds we have had the past few days.

  2. Love, love this trail! We'll have to give it a try next spring. What neat features along the way. So glad you are planning our spring trip:)

    Enjoy you Colorado green and hopefully, cooler temps!! We've never been to Colorado Springs with the MH only the motorcycle. Check out Olympic Training Center while you are there.

    1. I sure hope we are in Moab at the same time next spring Pam. We love that place and plan on returning too.

      Thanks for the tip on the Olympic Training Center....

  3. That transition into CO sure is dramatic isn't it?! From browns to greens very quickly. Never been to CO Springs and it may be on the agenda for next spring, looking forward to your reports.

    1. We sure hope to hit the trails soon Lisa...on foot!

  4. Now you'll definitely have a change of scenery from Moab to Colorado Springs. I'm sure you'll find many trails around there to venture on too.

    1. I am hoping so Jeri...way excited to be here!

  5. We had a great time in Colorado Springs but not near enough time. There is so much to see and do there. Looking forward to your tours.

    1. We are excited to be here Sandie. The weather alone makes it very inviting. Cant wait to start exploring.

  6. Looks like you had a perfect final ride and hike in Moab before making the trek to Colorado Springs. We have never been to that part of Colorado. Sure anxious to see what lovely adventures lie ahead.

  7. Change is good from brownish and reddish to green and blue. Beautiful. Never been there so again Im hanging out with you for another great tour, Gay.

  8. Gay, so glad you are settled in, in Colorado Springs! I sure hope you like Colorful Colorado. Your photos are gorgeous and show just how beautiful my state is! :-) I wish I was there! We attended a few concerts at Garden of the Gods, which were fantastic. Keep your beautiful photos coming.