Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Oh the Rocky Mountains...Mount Cutler Trail

Garden of the Gods-RVC Outdoor Destinations
Colorado Springs, CO
July 1, 2014

Its great to be outdoors! We woke up to cooler temps today and mostly cloudy skies, but that didn't deter us from exploring on Mount Cutler. High temps in Colorado Springs will only be around 72* this afternoon so we dressed warmly knowing it would be cooler at the summit...so glad we did, as it was only 54* at the top.

The drive thru North Cheyenne Canyon was a pleasure too.

 I do love twisty, winding roads with beautiful rocks and trees and the peaceful sound of running water.

We are still "acclimating"...
trailhead elevation is 6,800 ft. and the summit is 7,200 ft. The roundtrip is 2.4 miles.

The 400 ft. gain in elevation is gradual...

The trail is well maintained...mostly wide and smooth. There is a bridge in place where the side of the mountain was washed away.

It wasn't long before we were looking down on Colorado Springs and Gold Camp Reservoir.

But the real beauty came when we turned the corner to face South Cheyenne Canyon...

Seven Falls
We also spotted Seven Falls. We had picked out several hikes there, but Seven Falls is "closed until further  notice due to inclement weather and flooding conditions".

I cropped a close-up shot and was surprised to see it doesn't look like much water in the falls.

 The summit was a great place for a snack with a view.  We could see in every direction...




and my favorite, south.

There were spots of purple...

Mountain Harebell
 and yellow...
Yellow Stonecrop
but the trees stole the show...

There is something therapeutic about walking in the forest. The fragrance of evergreen, the birds chirping, the old and the new...

What a terrific Tuesday and first day of July. Can you believe it is July already?

Sally had her stitches out yesterday. Dr. Clevenger at Pikes Peak Vet Clinic was a little concerned that the wall of her bladder was still hard (it should feel like a water balloon) so she suggested another round of anti-inflammatory meds. We will take her back next week.

Until next time, take care and...

happy trails!


  1. Definitely different photos than you were taking around Moab. Love the greenery.

    1. Oh the green....all shades of green...it is beautiful! I'm loving these cooler temps too!

  2. Love those tree roots...love trees in general! Those are some very unique looking pine cones. Isn't mother nature grand!

    1. Yes she is grand! I had never seen pine cones like that...and the tree roots were totally awesome!

  3. You've moved since we've been without Internet! Gorgeous scenery! I always feel closer to God & nature when I'm in a pine forest. There's just something about the hushed silence & the scent of pine that does that for me. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!
    P.S. I do hope Sally is doing better soon.

    1. I so agree Gayle.....
      Sally is feeling so much better. We can tell by her energy level and playfulness. The vet here said judging by the amount of stones in her bladder, it will just take a little longer to heal.

  4. I am drooling at your temps! You remember summer in the east, I am sure. But this far north it isn't suppose to be 91 and 69 dew point, but it is and has been for a few days. I have several western towns on my weather app and I look at similar temps but the dew point is soooo low. Can you tell I am longing for the west:)

    What gorgeous terrain! I can tell you are enjoying the change from Moab's desert:) Thanks fro another great hike!

    1. It has been very delightful in Colorado Springs Pam...cool nights, warm days, and I am even enjoying the afternoon thunder storms and watching the clouds roll in on the surrounding mountains. This altitude takes some getting used to though.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful photos! I have to say, I love your Pinecone shot! Be careful out there and have a blast.

    1. We are loving your home state Sheila...it is beautiful!