Friday, October 31, 2014

Big Boys!

Buggy Ninjas!
Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
October 25, 2014

Last Saturday, we had the opportunity to go out with the "Big Boys". Big Boys refers to the vehicles and not the drivers as there were girls tackling these obstacles too. And before I forget, Happy Halloween! Buggy Ninjas was my best costume in years and my very first selfie...Dee was the driver and I was the "Whoa" cheerleader!

Back to Coyote Canyon...Cayote Canyon is a 1/2 mile of boulders and rocks in the BFE land. Its definitely a playground for hardcore crawlers. Not just anyone can enjoy a romp over boulders taller than me. This particular day, Moab Friends for Wheelin reserved the canyon. Reservations are necessary as CC is gated to keep folks out of trouble. And there is a limit of only 7 vehicles a day. The rest of BFE is open to the public.

 Joe and I followed Dee to Coyote Canyon. She drove Wild Thing, her buggy!

Once at CC, Dee and I walked the 1/2 mile...I was on camera over-load and she lent a hand spotting folks up, over and around. Check this out!
Glen...a local high school math teacher who built his own buggy!

Dale from BC, Canada. An all around nice guy who just glides over the rocks like they are nothing!
Josh and his wife...all smiles as they aced a difficult turn!
Melissa...most impressive! Her jeep just had a major re-do! I love watching these buggies articulate.

Susan, the birthday girl and leader for the day!
Three wheels on the ground...not a problem for John! 
 It took about 3 hours for these 6 buggies to successfully maneuver this tricky trail. I am happy to report, there were no break downs or winching needed.

After cupcakes in honor of the birthday girl, the bigger group headed out for more crawlin' in BFE on a trail called Dropkick. That's when Dee and I turned into Buggy Ninjas! What a hoot that was! There are few pictures as I was too busy whooping and hollering and laughing to think about pictures. I would say it was a near death experience, but that really wasn't the just looked like it some of the time. Like when we came to a huge boulder on a very tight left turn on a ledge road with no bottom in sight!
The jeep in front of us...

That particular spot on the trail didn't have a name so I gave it I can't say on the blog! It begins with "Oh...!"

There was only one incident of the day...Dee had to winch Larry out of a wedgy...
A fun day of crawlin'!

The past couple of days, we have fed Dee's kitties, Sam and Booda while Dee has been off-roading at St. George. The first morning I went in to do breakfast, I almost paniced! I could not fine Sam anywhere! I looked in the kitchen, no Sam. I looked in the TV room, no Sam! I looked under the bed, there was Booda, but no Sam!!! Just as I was about to call Dee, I sat on the edge of the bed and guess what I felt? A hump...a soft warm hump! Yep, there was Sam all snuggly warm and being very quiet!

Booda waiting patiently under the bed while I search for Sam...


Ah-ha! There you are Sam!
And by Thursday morning...
I just cant believe October has come and gone. So has our time here in Moab. Today is packing up day and we head south tomorrow. Its a good thing too because it is forecast to snow Sunday and Monday here! YIKES! The oncologist at GJ has been so helpful in connecting us to a doctor in Tucson. We have an appointment already lined up for consultation next week with chemo # 4 on the 12th.
As always, thanks for stopping safe, and...
happy trails!


  1. That looks like a ton of fun! Thanks for taking us on these wonderful, crazy drives!

    1. My pleasure! Thank goodness you don't go fast!

  2. Get out of there before the snow hits. To me that would definitely be a no brainer.

  3. It's amazing where those jeeps can go! Your pictures are so dramatic! Would love to do a few of those rides. Have a safe trip to Tucson.

    1. If we are ever in Moab at the same time...I will hook you up! It's way fun Joan!

  4. You definitely have to have the right set up to climb those boulders. Watching would be great fun, riding...not for me! You are one brave lady, Gay:) Love the Ninja look:)

    Good luck with your move to Tucson. Safe travels!

    1. Thanks Pam...we are all settled in here at Lazydays!

  5. Now that was a fun day, really enjoyed you pics again.

  6. Buggy ninjas...I love it! I can hear you and Dee laughing!

    1. Dee came up with the name Buggy Ninjas Lynn...Wild Thing was way fun! I have "buggy fever"!

  7. Now that's some serious 4 wheeling. Looks like tons of fun. Love Moab!

    1. Hi Ingrid...we do love Moab! You are right on about "serious 4 wheeling". Those buggies can crawl just about anything!

  8. Reading and riding with your blogs made my tummy churned, Gay. But it sure looked like the gorgeous Buggy Ninjas had tons of fun.
    Good wishes and safe travel on your trip to Tucson and hope Joe will ease comfortably on his # 4.

  9. Hi Gay, I hope yawl have a safe trip to Tucson and may Joe's continued appointments go well. Check out Catalina State Park while you are there. It is a beautiful state park with lots of good hiking. Perhaps you have been there. It won't be as exciting as your Jeep rides!