Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
October 7, 2014

Following Dee in Bartlett Wash...
 I was reminded it has been a long time since our last post. Days have been great, weather has been the best, and I don't mind admitting that posting has not been at the top of the list of things to do.

Getting started...turn left off Highway 191 north at Mill Canyon Road.

The cottonwood trees that line the wash are so old and pretty!
My how time flies! It has been 2 weeks since we headed out to do Bartlett Wash and Mashed Potato...it seems like just yesterday!

We joined Dee, Nancy and James, and Bob for a fun day of wheelin'. Joe and I had done parts of the trail before, but not the Mashed Potato section.

Signs point in all directions...it would be easy to get lost! We went thru lots of intersections like this one. Mashed Potato is a new trail for wheelers and coordinates can be found on the internet.

Narrow Bartlett Wash...what a hoot!

We skirted around the Bartlett Slickrock bike trail

Dee going up...

After the wash, the crawlin' begins. Mashed Potato seems like a funny name, but the rocks are white, lumpy and swirl just like mashed potatoes.

Nancy and James going down...

Bob going over...

and Joe going down in Pearl.


September was very rainy. The wash was wet and we encountered lots of pools of water on the slickrock...cool!  A funny story...the big obstacle on Mashed Potato is the Gravy Boat. Well, we went right thru this water which I thought was the Gravy Boat so I call Lynn and Dave to say, "We did Gravy Boat!" They did this trail in September when we couldn't go. Then I hear Dee on the CB say, "Up next is Gravy Boat.". Oh well, Joe and I laughed and decided we will just call this the Gravy Ladle! And be proud we did it!

Easy-peasy climb out of the Gravy Ladle!

This is the Gravy Boat...Dee was the only taker for the day. Most really difficult obstacles on these trail have go-arounds...that's a big WHEW! 

Going in...

...coming out! Well, not exactly. Dee knew exactly the line to take, but we didn't so she missed her mark.

Pearl lends a hand!

...coming out!
This is "Dee"termined. Dee pulls around for another go...pretty impressive!
We enjoyed lunch. It was a bit overcast and we saw a double sun halo. I had to do some research on sun/moon halos. The halo is produced by high cirrus clouds. These are ice clouds and often appear before a warm front. The ice crystals act as tiny reflectors. If you see a double halo, that means there are two different shapes of crystals...pretty neat, huh? 
Our view at lunch!
Today Dover and Wrecks had surgery. When they were in for their check-ups last week, Dr. Slater checked a cyst we had found on Dover. She extracted fluid and said it should come off even though it was not cancerous...just some strange looking cells. Wrecks on the other hand, did have a skin cancer mass that needed to be removed. It was a mass on his chest we had noticed. Dr. Slater said he could likely have more so we will be on the look-out. Wrecks also had his teeth cleaned and polished.
Joe goes for chemo # 3 tomorrow...half way through. Other than being tired and lots more careful during days 7-9 because of a low immune system, he has been doing great!

So, until next time, take care...
and happy trails!


  1. Wow! I don't know how y'all do it! We bicycled around Moab several years ago and THAT was hard to do... but drive.... good grief! Dee-termined indeed!

    1. Good morning Sharon...I am envious that you bicycled here. I have a really hard time staying on a bike as I am too busy looking the other way and trying to take pictures. The bike trails here awesome!

  2. What a beautiful ride...and some challenging spots! I have never done Jeeping like that and it really looks fun and kind of scary!

    Hang in there Joe!

    1. We would love to take you and Hans out for a crawl if it ever works out for us to be in Moab at the same time!

  3. What an awesome trip! Most definitely you have to have your Jeep tricked out in the front end for some of those areas. Dee is one brave lady!! Glad to see that you and Joe are having the opportunity to get out in Pearl:)

    Hope Dover and Wrecks are doing all right after surgery. Good luck, Joe, tomorrow! Praying all goes well:)

    1. Thank you Pam...
      We have done a few mods to Pearl, but nothing like Dee has to her Jeeps. It just amazes me the things some of these jeeps can do and it's so much fun to watch! Whoa!

  4. No wonder you had no time to Blog , looks like too much fun.

    1. You are so right George...blogging took a backseat to naps and a few rides! Life is good!

  5. Love the fall header photo. I'd be so afraid to take some of those rides that you take. I wouldn't want all dents and scratches on my Jeep but it would be fun if you were someone who knew what they were doing. Looks like your group certainly does.

    1. Hi Jeri, well, we do have a few Utah stripes on Pearl. We try to take extra precautions with Pearl...it's our only means of transportation. We certainly don't mind the go-arounds! It's fun to watch these really modified Jeeps like Dee's do these obstacles!

  6. About the photos, one word, Gorgeous! About the post, Too Much Fun! So happy to hear that Joe continues to do well. Prayers for you both, that progress continues to be made. Likewise for Dover & Wrecks. You've certainly had your hands full lately.

    1. Thank you Gayle. I am so happy to be half way done with the chemo! Next we will have to strengthen his hiking legs...I sure have missed hitting the trails on foot!
      The pups are doing good today...Wrecks has been a little groggy, but all is good!

  7. Glad to see you out and about in Pearl with your inspiring fellow 4-wheelers. I think I would have to volunteer to get out and be a spotter for some of those challenges. You did a great job of capturing the mashed potato adventure with your photos.

    Dover and Wrecks are sure lucky to have such good caregivers.

    It must feel good for Joe to be past midway on his chemo treatments. I am sure you are both looking forward to putting this challenge behind you.

    1. Hi Pam...it's good to hear from you! Joe has done really great with the chemo...and I can't believe it already half way done. We will move south to Tucson for the last three treatments and enjoy the warmer weather. You are so right...we are looking forward to 2015! Hope all is good for you and Vic!

  8. Oh my goodness, you are having too much fun Gay! Gorgeous photos as always especially that view at lunch.
    Hang in there Joe, we are praying and rooting for you.