Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Birding at La Jolla Cliffs

San Diego Metro KOA
Chula Vista, CA
January 19, 2014

Yesterday morning we were up early, settled in the backseat of Ronnie and Carol's Jeep, and heading towards La Jolla. Birds and lunch were on the agenda. Its about a 20 mile drive from Chula Vista to La Jolla. No traffic issues slowed us down and we were early enough to find a parking spot along the cliffs even though it was a holiday.

My first sighting of a brown pelican...

 From this spot we could also see cormorants on the cliff...

And we spent quite awhile enjoying the antics of the seals and sea lions in the cove...

This mama and her baby were so cute. Mama tried to shove the baby on the shore several times. I'm thinking mama wanted a nap, but the baby would have no part of it. Mama finally just gave up and they both swam away.

From there, we walked about 1/2 mile around the bend...

A Western Gull

Heermann's Gull

juvenile Herring Gull...legs are dull pink at all ages.

What a fun morning watching the birds, seals, and sea lions. After having been through so many months of uncertainty, it sure feels good to breath deep and enjoy! And, its great having friends here to celebrate with too...

So, until next time, take care and...

happy trails!
P.S. I still have lots of "postcards" as Mark of www.boxcanyonblog.blogspot.com  fame would say...will share some of them another day.


  1. I can see your big smiles and feel your joy of carefree days......you've earned them. Great pics !!

    1. Thank you Sue! I can't believe the weather here...it would be hard to pick a favorite season and spot...winter in San Diego or summer in Montrose!

  2. Yes, it must feel wonderful for both of you to take that big breath:) La Jolla is a great place to refresh. We enjoyed the birds and seals, as well. The water is gorgeous in your photos. Love your header pelican:)

  3. We really like La Jolla too. It's a fun place to spend a little time.

  4. I sure have missed lots of posts. So Happy Joe is doing well again and you are off enjoying your travels. Loving all the new pictures

  5. Gorgeous header…those birds are adorable. The seals are celebrating with you that you finally are out on the beach on a sunny warm day. Great captures of birds( you know i love them) and the seals particularly the middle pic.

  6. Hi Gay! What great shots you took of the birds; the header photo is gorgeous! Nothing better than a fun day birding with friends!